I do this to Reverse Diet out of a Shred – Podcast Episode 47

Coming to the end of a diet or shred can be a very emotional time if you’ve not mentally prepared for it. If you’re not careful, you get sucked into a kind of half-off half-on limbo where you’re not shredding but you’re not doing anything else either. Let me tell you – that’s hell on earth. But fear not, listener, I have just the strategy for you. I reveal the very first thing I do after I finish a shred – you’re sure to be surprised. And I introduce you to one of the most powerful tools for keeping mind and body totally balanced – the infinity goal.

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16 thoughts on “I do this to Reverse Diet out of a Shred – Podcast Episode 47

  1. Amanda Harrison says:

    This podcast is exactly what I needed. I did the jailhouse shred in May and then fell off the wagon. I am now going back to do another jailhouse shred. Planning on having two weeks off and then into a coreplay 4 week program(sorry not a sculpted vegan program). Will be thinking of more mini goals to keep me progressing towards my Infinity Goal.

    I heard you mention something about home gym set up and program. Did it happen?

    Thanks Queen Kim xx

  2. Joyce Nichols says:

    This podcast really hit the spot for me. The need to set and commit to goals and not be half in and half out. As always a joy to listen to you! I play this on the treadmill in the morning.

  3. Danielle Jerome says:

    I LOVED this podcast #47!! I recently finished the 8 week BC. I have been finding I’ve been having a hard time with where to start next. I know I want to continue with my goals but lost sight of what my new goal are. I’ve been struggling with beating myself up with snacks and staying focused. After listening to this podcast I feel inspired and invigorated to refresh my routine. AND most importantly to feel confident that in allowing myself to take a short break is OKAY!!!!Thank you Kim!

  4. Kirsten says:


    I literally live by this motto everyday! I have little goals in my life in all areas to accomplish. With my house, with my chores, with my children, with positive growth for myself, with my extended family, with my job, with my marriage and with my friendships. Whether they are small or big I like to see progress! I think it’s part of how I have managed the craziness of COVID! Having something to push towards or look forwards to completing can really give you organization to your day and life! The feeling of accomplishment is amazing!

    I did find it very cool that you did this podcast after reading someones post in the original 8 week butt camp about what to do afterwards. I even wrote under that post that I feel like I am looking for balance and how to move forward. You are listening and being there for us and our current needs! I appreciated that but I still don’t know how you have time to be present in alllllll of your groups! While you grow in your multi-million dollar empire I hope you do find some people to replicate you so you don’t burn out! Have little mini-Kim’s answering all your questions in all your groups and maybe leave the more important live sessions to U! Just a suggestion lol!

  5. Suzi says:

    Thank you for this podcast! Finished the 8 week butt camp and will be doing again. Grateful for this info so I am prepared for when I finish my second round of the camp…and win 🙂

  6. Angela says:

    I was actually wondering about this the other day. I was wondering what I needed to do after a shred. So this is perfect. So I dont feel guilty about wanting to take a break after a program before the next.

  7. Petra Beecham says:

    Thank you Kim. I bought your BC program back in June and never got to finish it. The amazing ladies on our group have directed me to this podcast and the masterclass as I have been on a 1200 deficit since the beginning of 2020 and have recently told my coach I no longer need her as I feel I have seen more progress from the ladies in our group over 8 weeks than I have managed over 8 months. I am going to give it my all again in September and then try to move over to your 18 month program. Keep being amazing 🙂

  8. Sandra Bergeron says:

    Us blacksheep, sure do have drive. This is a great advice piece, inspiration piece, and damn girl, reality piece. Oh how I love logic and reality.

  9. Mandy says:

    I really needed to hear this! The permission, the mindset, the goal setting. Great podcast.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, please stay tuned for more episodes and all things Sculpted Vegan!

  10. Sandra Laneuville says:

    Wow Kim! I loved this, I’ve been putting my infinite goal on/off in my plans because it feels so unattainable and with this it’s like I finally have the permission to keep it in there and it’s ok to want so much more than everyone else around me! I’m feeling a mixture of relief and excitement and also annoyance because why the f*** did I even need to have “permission” to begin with!!! Thank you so much <3

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Isn’t it interesting the way we as a society ask permission for nearly everything, we get that a lot in our community. I believe it stems from traditional school, because there we need to ask to use the bathroom, eat, etc. Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goals! Please tag me on Instagram

  11. Janice Charters says:

    Perfect timing to hear this Kim! I am half-way though Butt Camp and wondering what to do when it ends. I have loved having this structure and don’t want to drift into old habits again but use this as a precursor for long term change.
    Next step for me is to think about my Infinity Goal without getting bogged down by the detail. I’m on overthinker. This really got be thinking about what it is that I want to achieve and by when. – making it specific and measurable

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      You’re exactly right, using it as your foundation forward! it’s all about goal setting after you accomplish each every milestone, set your next goal. I’m so glad you’re on the path to setting things that are specific and measurable! Looking forward to seeing your results xoxoxo

  12. Marylee Edwards says:

    This podcast did so much more than re-focus my body goals… I know I am meant to do more, six years ago my oldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia, then followed my two other children. Long story short I re-trained learnt how to teach literacy in a way my children understood, they had huge success so my thinking was if I can help my children I could maybe help others. So I now work with up to 10 children individually. (Plus my day job which is why I can only help a certain number plus my children) However it’s not good enough for me . I need to help more Making help accessible, available and affordable to all children that need it regardless of my time constraints. You have set the thought process in motion and I’m excited where I can go… Thank you !!!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      That sounds so exciting! Isn’t it amazing how our children often set our passions. We wish you the best of luck! ?

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