Is Fruit Making You Fat? – Podcast Episode 45

A short while ago, I blew up Instagram by suggesting that too much fruit can make you fat. A lot of people completely lost their minds because I said this, and the whole brouhaha became known as “fruitgate”. In this week’s show I’ll explain why I said it, what I learned about human behaviour from the whole crazy episode, and explain how to use food as a tool instead of an emotional crutch. It’ll give you a completely new perspective on foods that are “good” for you.

18 thoughts on “Is Fruit Making You Fat? – Podcast Episode 45

  1. Merry Beth says:

    Thank you for explaining about fructose, very informative and funny podcast “we’re all fucked up”, lol? Also love the bad vs good explanation, towards goal=good, away from goal=bad. Simple!

  2. Louise Hart says:

    I agree about the fruit, its got a lot of sugar in it i found this to be the reason why my 5 year old was overweight. Well done Kim take no notice. Love the podcast.

    • Lori Burt says:

      Once again, Kim dives so much deeper than surface level diet culture and challenges you to look deeper at your choices in and out of the kitchen.

  3. Kelli Arfeen says:

    Interesting !! Just ordered 4 hour body !! Love your outlook , on pretty much everything!! Much love from Texas ❤️

    • Lisa Marie Jones says:

      Really enjoyed your Podcast today! Fruitgate I had to laugh at this reaction!
      Wonderful gems throughout your chat & so love your raw candid humour ! I look forward to learning more Kim Xo ?

  4. Toni Lee Roldan-Ortiz says:

    Brilliant podcast! Wow so informative and educational . I loved how you related food to moving towards or away your goals. It also made so much sense about fruit . Yes fruit has many healthy protective properties but yes it can also be very high in sugar which gets stored which makes sense as to why I felt either bloated or just not seeing any changes as far as losing fat . I’m really enjoying your program , week 4 of the 8 week program and I would love to keep going .
    My beliefs match many of yours and I really enjoy your podcasts .. Thanks ?

  5. Isabelle says:

    For whst it’s worth, here is my piint of view on why ‘Fruitgate’ occurred:
    For people who love sweets, fruit (in moderation) has been the ‘healthy’ and ‘ACCEPTABLE’ way of satisfying your sweet tooth on a regular basis. If fruit is disallowed, we are staring down the gauntlet of no sweets or only ‘occasional’ (once a month?) indulgences – we become ‘RESTRICTED’ to eating drudgery with little to no enjoyment.

  6. Mandi Ballard says:

    this was very interesting. I was a bit triggered by the “fruit is bad” thing. I realize after listening to the entire podcast that for me it went back a few years ago to my husband insisting that we do keto. This was after I had spent 10 years dieting, working to build a bit of muscle and busting my butt in the gym. He wanted us to do the diet that everyone where he worked was doing, and that was keto. Which of course meant that i had to give up things I loved…apples, raspberries, beans, lentils! I was so angry at him. It turned out, after I failed out of keto because it was killing me (never have I ever felt so terrible on any diet) that he had been scarfing big huge muffins for breakfast while traveling for work and put on weight, so he thought keto would solve all of his issues and I had darn well support him and participate! Throw out the fruit and beans and lentils! Now I’m older and wiser and do not like, and will not listen to anyone who tells me what fad diet I should do. I really like how you put it all into context of does it move me towards my goal, whatever that may be. I will think about that each time I eat anything. Goals are good and something I’ve been missing for a while. I’ve signed up for the masterclass. I’m also working through butt camp and just this morning my husband (who no longer tells me what I should eat!), asked if I was working on my butt as it looked rounder 😉

  7. Durga Devi says:

    Thank you for your podcast. It was enlightening.
    I am a fruit lover so I wish to share from my experience of my love affair with fruit.

    In Yogic Philosophy fruit is Sattvic, pure, clean and even godly.
    I do understand the impact of too much sugar, even coming from the goodness of nature’s candy -fruit,

    I feel the attachment to fruit is what the taste, texture, smell and color trigger in us.

    Fruit provides sweetness, when life may not feel so sweet.
    It is juicy and rich, when we might feel depleted, dry and worn out.

    The smell of fresh fruit can trigger memories of happy summer days and vacation.
    Fruit is synonymous with summer to me (here in Michigan) and also Freedom.
    Fruit is easy to take with you anywhere, no prep, no planning, just wash and eat.
    Fruit is a perfect gift for someone who has everything.
    The colors of Fruits are uplifting and playful,
    they remind us of when we were younger and everything was colorful in our world.
    Fruit is precious as the freshness doesn’t last long.
    A fruit picked off the tree, bush or vine and eaten immediately brings instant bliss to our being.
    It feel like we are eating all the elements at once, Earth, water, fire (sun), air and space.

    I think for all these reasons fruit can be emotional for people, It makes us feel alive!

    Thank you for your educational and inspiring podcast.
    with great love and joy,
    Durga Devi

  8. Mele. Humphreys says:

    Yes totally agree. Fruit has to be eaten in moderations of course. My boys who are very much onto this type of lifestyle have told me that. However is piece of fruit is a lot healthier than a prove of cake.

  9. Nancy Mendez says:

    Hi Kim, I am new to your work and a new student of your 18 month sculpting program. Yay!
    In regards to fruit being a trigger – I too was triggered at first about your opinion on fruit but also am committed to changing my body and get that is a temporary program for me to achieve my goals.
    To answer your question – I believe fruit is a trigger for many because fruit holds the highest vibration of all natural foods. As a vegan fruit is “offered” by the plant for us and vegetables are still “pulled/taken” from the plant or roots etc. Fruit’s high vibration is very soothing and positive for many – of course also the nutrition and sugar etc that stimulates us.
    Just my 2cents about maybe why so many feel triggered by you saying not to eat it. :)) Love your work!! 🙂

  10. Joanie says:

    OMGoodness! I am reading “Plant Paradox” now – thanx to u! This podcast sums everything up for me! I have been following u for sometime, but have not been able to follow a vegan diet due to an autoimmune disease. I always felt like a fake and then I heard your pod cast on carnivores and vegans being friends. Game changer! I am on an extremely limited diet – it works for me, but I realized I had gotten comfortable with NOT trying different foods. I found enough to be tolerable, and quit experimenting. I promised myself after Butt Camp, I would start trying new foods again. A slow process, but worth it. Then I found Dr Grundy’s book. I started reading it – and will be attempting his protocol. I was super happy to hear your podcast today! Thank u! And maybe mention Dr Grundy to your carnivore friend (Macaleb?).


    Favourite podcast to date. If only I could get my sister on board ???. Agree with everything you’ve said, I’ve had many fruitgate debates with my siblings over the years – the pushback is unreal. Read Plant Paradox a few years ago and have followed Gundry’s teachings as well . Amazing stuff Kim. ?

  12. Antoniya says:

    It was interesting to me to listen to this podcast, and I agree with much of what was said. I have a difficulty believing the general perception that fruits are bad for diabetics for example simply because I know a doctor who helps her diabetic patients get rid off all symptoms of diabetes when she puts them on a diet with fruits and herbal teas with honey only. So I personally think that this is another of these “myths” that people do not completely understand. As for whether or not fruits are making you fat I would have never thought so but I’m open to explore this, learn more, and find my own truth on this subject.
    I don’t like restricting my fruit as much as Kim simply because I don’t have the same goal as her. But I understand where she is coming from. I love her for who she is as a person regardless of how different our views on fruit may be.

  13. Michelle Tenenberg says:

    What will you GAIN?
    What will you GET?
    From listening to Kim,
    You will not regret!
    I’ve kept it simple
    I’ve kept it real
    Her teachings are life-changing
    Her programs the real-deal…
    K nowledgable
    I nspiring
    M otivating

    C onsistent commitment
    O ngoing
    N avigation
    S ustained
    T raining
    A rise
    B elief in
    L ife-changing
    E volvement

  14. Kirsten says:

    You never know what your gonna get with your podcasts – how to delete followers on Facebook, how to un-school your kids and heck is fruit fat? LOL! I love it! I want to thank you for giving me a new perspective on food and changing my mind to eat for goals not pleasure WOW! I just completed your 8 week butt camp and I really had to shift my thinking on food. Instead of running to the fridge and eating emotionally out of reaction when things in my life went crazy I had to really dig deep and ask myself why would eating this help me through my situation. The fact that I know I can overcome that, helps me now in the future to view food differently. Love how you said “Freedom is in the pause between stimulus and reaction”. That piece of advice will help us in all areas of our lives and any goals we have! For me a lot of my fitness goals always started with a strength program but I never followed a meal plan. The kick BUTT results I got with your program I truly believe came from having a solid meal plan! We weren’t starving and we had loads of snacks to choose from if we were craving anything else. Thank goodness you did all your research because we all benefited from it! I don’t have time to go out and figure out macros/calories and best exercise moves. We need professionals in all areas and you are definitely kicking butt in the fitness world! RESULTS are where it is at and you are proving that! ! I feel like preaching to the world …. “Don’t feel guilty about eating pizza, if you don’t have a goal than why is it making you feel bad”… you crack me up and I appreciate all your words of wisdom! I agree with you that a lot of our childhood shapes our future. I have a little Kim voice in my head when I’m about to yell at my kids saying “You don’t want them to fear you….. love them in a way that promotes future growth….fill them up with self empowerment….teach them problem solving skills…” Maybe in 10 years they will be writing you a thank you note for helping me to be a better mom! I may have bought a fitness program from you but it has changed my life in so many positive ways and I will continue to grow and listen to your amazing podcasts too! THANK YOUUUUUUU!

  15. Leanne Bobee says:

    I remember fruitgate! I could not understand how people could post such utterly mean and degrading comments. Were they not taught “ if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” it’s like you said, you have to ability yo keep scrolling if you don’t like what someone said. I found it interesting you talked about Dr Steven Gundry. He also said not to eat eggplant and tomatoes together! And that was blasphemy to me as I LOVE eggplant pharm! So I can I understand the emotional reaction. The biggest take away fire me was seeing food as something to get me to my goal or take me away! This new mindset will be so beneficial!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, it’s all about mindset and it’s all about those goals! People are so emotionally attached to scales and food, I think we really need to take out the emotion and just look at the data..? Thank you for your thoughts!

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