Trolls & Haters… Delete and Block, or Allow Them to Stay? – Podcast Episode 43

Oh dear. Well, this all began when an internet troll decided to criticise the state of my house’s window sills. I kid you not. Living life on the internet as a health & fitness influencer, as I do, I get used to this kind of nonsense, and much worse. But it did get me worrying about people who are less thick-skinned. So, if your life is ever blighted by haters and trolls, on the internet or off it, here’s how to deal with the little b**gers.

8 thoughts on “Trolls & Haters… Delete and Block, or Allow Them to Stay? – Podcast Episode 43

  1. Yvette Evans says:

    Thank you for this powerful message. A lot of what you said, I already knew yet it helps to hear that someone else is on the same wavelength. I get a lot of haters and trolls offline. Meaning, they are within family and others, I get to see them at work, but what I do is mentally delete and block them. Such a shame how people cannot be happy for others. As you said, for every negative there is a positive, it’s the Ying and the Yang of life. I believe in myself and I don’t give a rat’s ass about who don’t like me because of the way I carry myself, I am a strong, intelligent woman who holds my head high, keep my hair done and dress well. I am a good person who is not interested in being bothered with low down family members or the low down cliques at work. I worked hard, continue to work hard and have went through much just to get where I am today. Along the way, some of those haters, I actually helped. I was there for them. I think people just truly need to look at themselves and get a Life! One that’s meaningful and fulfilling. Though, some will never come to that conclusion.

  2. Kirsten says:

    I look forward to listening to your podcasts during my cardio sessions for butt camp! Your inspiring me while I am working out! A little Kim in my ear! I think there are a lot of haters in the world and most of them are just jealous of the person they are hating on. I agree with you that a lot of our problems can stem from our childhood and I do believe that we can change our ways in adulthood and make a choice to not have excuses for our behavior anymore. I grew up in a very negative dysfunctional family. The first thing I saw in every situation or person was something negative. It has taken me years to transform my unproductive thoughts to productive thoughts. Now I try to see the positive first and if I am lucky I may not even notice the negative anymore. I think surrounding myself with other positive individuals has been key. I don’t blame you for deleting followers who aren’t going to join in to make your page positive and build others up. I had a good mind shift when a friend once told me “If you don’t feel amazing when around a person than they aren’t your true friend”. WOW! We want each other to feel good and encourage each other not to be around someone and make them feel subservient or insecure the whole time. I don’t put my energy into those people anymore BUT I still have a lot of them on my social media platforms. We don’t engage in conversation anymore but for some reason I feel like if I delete them i’m evil for it!? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but why should I allow them to know whats going on in my life if they don’t actually care about me? There are a lot of sandpaper people in the world and like you said we have a choice of how to deal with them! Agree to disagree is a great motto because if we were all the same than what would make the world go round? We all need some emotional intelligence and to just brush off the haters! A book I am currently reading and would recommend for others who are ready to change their thought patterns and live with joy from within is called The 4:8 Principle – The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life.

    P.S. What’s wrong with vegans wearing Louboutins? lol

    • Jayney Goddard says:

      Great post response Kirsten. The reason that vegans don’t wear Louboutin’s, is because Louboutin uses leather to make his shoes. Vegans don’t use any products that exploit animals. Remember, being vegan is not about following a diet, it’s actually a lifestyle. It appeals to people who abhor animal cruelty and want to lead a compassionate life. I hope that helps. Jayney ???

  3. Bev says:

    I’m sitting listening nodding along, agreeing with what you’re saying. We all know someone or weve all come up against someone that lives to put others down.
    It took me 2 marriages and over 40 years to get to the stage of not giving a fuck.
    Love this podcast and hope others take note.

  4. Lizzi says:

    Thank you! I just happened by this podcast as life has been pretty complicated the last few years and so haven’t really been up to properly following anyone.
    So, i just wanted to say this has really helped me as i do admit to being one of those people who worry about what others think? Plus in the past ive spent a lot of time trying to change the views of various haters and trolls. I know realise its a total waste of time and time is precious … so i won’t be wasting any more of my precious time, i will just delete and block or if the comment is on one of my lovely mentors pages i will just scroll on by and hope they see and delete it!
    Thank you so much Kim ?

  5. Tamela R Hart says:

    Fantastically said Kim! It’s more than having a thick skin – it’s understanding Why people do these kinds of things. This provides a great perspective. Love your spunk and confidence.

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