A Lifetime of Advice in Only 45 Minutes – Podcast Episode 42

We’ve now made over 40 episodes of the Strong and Sculpted podcast and I thought, what better way to celebrate than to put together some of the best bits? There’s a ton of my best advice here for all your shredders and builders, all in one little episode, along with my chats with some of the most inspiring, knowledgeable guests you can find in health and fitness. So grab a coffee and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “A Lifetime of Advice in Only 45 Minutes – Podcast Episode 42

  1. Kirsten says:

    WOW WOW WOW! Where do I start I loved it all! Burn out is real and I’m glad your getting away with your family to rejuvenate it is sooooo needed for the mind, body and soul! I burned out 4 years ago when my husband and I took in my two nieces on top of having two little ones and his older daughter. As much as it was hard and I gained 20 pounds after already looking smoking hot from my two kids it was a pivoting point in my life. I sold my business and it allowed me to follow my initial dreams of going to medical school. I have had to watch myself even now that I don’t burn out again. I take a day of rest once a week no matter what even during medical school. If we don’t take care of ourselves than our family and everyone around else will be affected by it.

    One thing I am obsessed with that you introduced me to in the butt camp is LISS! After all my science classes in high school, undergrad in Biochemistry and even in medical school —> I never learned about how beneficial low-intensity steady-state could be for body FAT! Since gaining 20 pounds 4 years ago I have always maintained my weight and I live a healthy lifestyle but just haven’t been able to really LOOSE the extra fat! I am currently in my 6th week out of the 8th week butt camp and the body fat is falling off and the cellulite is finally disappearing…. YES you heard me correctly the cellulite is disappearing! I read the PDF and am following the program to a T… even if I don’t understand it all…. I’m doing it and seeing results….. so thankful to finally take this time to get my sexy back!

    Sorry for the verbal diarrhea but I feel like I’ve known you forever Kim with how vulnerable you are and how open you are with all of us I just think your a kick butt chick! You remind me of the Pastor I had in the Caribbean who told it like it was… not like America where they have to filter what they say and not offend anybody… I wanted to bring him back with me to kick people in the butt… you remind me of him in the fact that you aren’t here to make people feel comfortable but to start making people have productive changes in there life and break habits for good!

    This is my first time taking supplements because like I said I am following the program to a T and want to try everything out that can help…. all I can think about is from a doctor that once told me. …”Supplements are expensive urine!” Everyone has an opinion and we have to do what works for us!

  2. Toyah Newman says:

    Great Pod cast. I had heard some in others I’ve listened to so it was a nice refresher but I still learnt a lot too. like LISS, wow, never thought of it like that, very logical. I’ve done HIIT for years which is why i’m here now as I’ve grown tired of working tirelessly for results that don’t last. I’m on a better journey and your podcast really do help to keep me focused.

  3. Antoniya says:

    So happy I have you in my life!
    I’m getting so much out of these podcasts!
    I have not listened to these exact episodes but I am giving a word to myself to go back and listen to ALL 40+ of them, and take notes!
    I just feel like your energy is so transformative to me, and inspires and empowers me to develop new healthy habits.
    THANK YOU for being you!

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