My Boyfriend Slept with a Prostitute and it Changed My Life. Here’s How – Podcast Episode 41

To get sculpted and shredded you need a great program AND a strong mind. And yet, following a program is easier than controlling our own thoughts. But you can do it. I’ve faced so many mental challenges in building the body I have, building my successful business, and balancing all that with my marriage. But I’ve overcome each and every one of those challenges. And I believe a large part of that is down to the ways in which I react to other people’s behaviour. Listen in for this invaluable life-hack.

16 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Slept with a Prostitute and it Changed My Life. Here’s How – Podcast Episode 41

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Kim, I loved this and gained a lot from it. However, as someone who is getting over my husband having an affair late last year (I found out in January and we both working very hard to keep our marriage in tact), I would love your thoughts on dealing with triggers that come up for me now.
    I never used to be jealous or insecure about my husband looking at other woman and, like you, would have fun with it – even pointing good looking woman out to him. However now, I am constantly triggered by things my husband says, looks at or even glances at. I hate it as it can bring a good vibe between us to an end…in seconds. Truthfully though, I know it is me now dealing with a massive amount of insecurity about not being enough – sexy enough, good looking enough, funny enough (I never used to be like this). However, my husband has been amazing at always giving me complements during our reconciliation.
    My question is, do you have any thought on how someone like me could self-reflect/self soothe/talk to avoid possibly unnecessary confrontations with my husband as we try to get our marriage back on track.
    I hope that all makes sense!
    Thanks and love your podcasts. I just purchased your butt camp – so am about to kick butt on that!

  2. Teri Adams Vickerson says:

    Love listening to your podcasts!! You hit the nail on the head with this topic, also really loved the fart story… related 100% to that as well lol!!! thank you thank you!!

  3. Denyse Turcot says:

    This podcast could not have come at a better time. it was right at the heart of what is hurting me My husband has always admired fit muscular women and it has hurt me…a lot. I understand is still hard to accept..and yes I do and have felt less than…and, I am actually reading learning about doing exactly what you are talking about. I am only hurting myself. I have recently had a lumpectomy a small cancerous tumour taken out and 11 lymph nodes only one of those cancerous . It is all out. I am lucky. But now ofcourse, my breast does not look the same it is lopsided so my insecurities have surfaced even more as he looks at beautiful models. Well he loves the biceps the most…so thank you for this…I needed to listen to every word…I might even listen again.

  4. Denyse Turcot says:

    I already replied to a response on podcast #41..
    I so needed to hear just have to understand how I can do it…and that is not feel less than because I feel insecure when my husband looks at beautiful muscular healthy women…thank you so much for sharing this. I have written you a long note with a serious question. I hope you see it.

  5. Marcela says:

    Love the podcast Kim! Had so many belly laughs while listening! Great message, just at the right time. This may actually change my life too 🙂

  6. Elba R Sertuche says:

    Kim, this pod cast couldn’t come in a better time. Me I and my spouse are recovering from an affair she had last year. So you reaffirming only I can change myself is something I needed to hear from an outsider, because I signed up to the butt challenge camp and emotionally I have let the affair stop ME!!!!! So THANK YOU AND IT’S GENUINE, because I am AMERICAN and totally AGREE with regarding the hypocrisy that goes on in this country about being nice. I struggle at work because I can’t be a hypocrite, if I don’t like a coworker or a patient is taking shit to me I let them have it! So yes I will look deep into myself, to make the change I need to be the BEST ME!

  7. Denyse Turcot says:

    This has come at such the right time for me. I just had a broken ankle and had surgery, bedridden fro 1.5 months, and then a lumpectomy in April. . Right now has to be a time when I am so conscious that my body is not looking its best! and, I really love what you say…no one can make me feel less than…I can do that. So this podcast #41 was the best! no more feeling sorry for myself, no more feeling I am not enough! thank you so much for this! I have posted already on this and am listening to this again. Thank you for open sharing on this.

  8. Victoria says:

    OMG! I am laughing so hard at your Ryan fart story. That is hysterical!
    I told agree with your points on insecurity. I too, am happy for my husband to look at beautiful women. This is because I feel very secure.

  9. Kirsten says:

    I love love love your honesty and vulnerability! I swear I laugh most of your podcasts cause you tell it like it is! I think it is a personal problem we have when we get offended from other people’s actions. We have to look inwards to see why its bothering us and work on that, not blame others for how we feel. The title is catchy and definitely worth a listen for all! I too look at photos of other women with my husband!

  10. Michelle Bekker says:

    I have been procrastinating about buying the buttcamp program but have been thinking of it for so long. I finally did and got so much more than what I bargained for. Inspirational group of sister-hood with relevant topics of discussions.
    I too struggled with exactly the same thing, other girls on social media. It would probably have costed my amazing relationship with my dream guy. Thank you for sharing. I cant wait to hear more and to start my training program.
    I am still reading it (First time)

  11. Nadia Ketoure says:

    I had a great time listening to this podcast, thank you Kim. I was at my friend’s house today and we were talking about school and i told her i was not worrying about school this year, that anyway i was going to unschool this year. Remote learning is the perfect opportunity for me to finally allow my kids to be free of school and do what they want. She told me it was irresponsible for me to do that and not in the interest of the kids. It upset me and i recognized that she was upsetting me and i asked myself why and tried to stay calm. I asked why she was judging me with my choices for my family. I feel it did put some slight tension between us. I know nobody can make me feel a certain way but still did not appreciate being judged. Did i react to her comment because of the word “irresponsible”; growing up and until now my family think i am crazy and need to calm down a little. I will dig to heal from that insecurity. You approached the subject of trauma and triggered emotions from so many angles, i spend a great 40min with you…it felt needed and appreciated. Thank you

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I am so glad it resonated with you! Yes, there is a great deal of fear surrounding honoring our children and supporting them in their paths. May people are fearful that their children won’t be successful, but that’s a risk no matter what. We all fail before we succeed, I teach my children to embrace failure because that’s when we truly grow! So, why not allow them to live their life their way? Isn’t it amazing to look back at your childhood from the perspective of a parent and see how shut down emotions were, simply for making the adult’s uncomfortable. I appreciate you sharing this with me, and I hope you’ll stay tuned for more episodes!

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