Is it Possible to Burn Fat & Sculpt Muscle in Menopause? – Episode 40

Hot flushes, sleepless nights, mood swings, loss of libido – going through the menopause can be a tough time for women. On top of all that, how do you prevent your training and diet regime from going to hell in a handcart? It’s tough. But in this episode I give you advice on resisting the temptation to beat yourself up, and the mental side of getting into your sneakers, no matter how bad you feel.

25 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Burn Fat & Sculpt Muscle in Menopause? – Episode 40

  1. Kathryn Pohle says:

    Amazing conversation! This is the first podcast I’ve listened to. I appreciate the connection you made to honesty with yourself and others and the victim mindset. Radical responsibility. Something I struggle with but am finding my way.

  2. GAYLE KELLY says:

    Kim, you hit the nail on the head. This message was for me. I waste so much time dreaming of the perfect body and being in shape but I gave name so many excuses. I will need to be in my truth and get me together so I can be OK with who I really am. Thank you

  3. Mags williams says:

    Well, what a breath of fresh air! I’m 47, work with women and socialise with women of similar age and older, and how many times I’ve heard “its so hard to lose weight, look good after menopause”. I’ve not started yet but suspect I’m starting soon as have some symptoms, but I’ve just always accepted that, well, yeah perhaps I just have to accept that I’m going to be a chubby, lethargic wreck?. Not now though, after listening to the pod cast. Damn right I can still look good and more importantly, feel good. And next time I’m late for a meeting or party I’m not keen on going to, I think I may be honest!!

  4. Tonya baker says:

    I LOVE this podcast, and I am 52 and just needed a boost! Super happy I found you, Kim!!

  5. Joy says:

    Kim Constance. What an inspirational woman. Listened to this podcast about menopause and she fixed up practically every other area of my life that’s not working. Thanks, I’ll be listening to more.

  6. Sharon Shepherd-Harvey says:

    Lesson learns was inspiring they all tie into menopause. I know first hand I have gone through all the phases. I’m late starting the 8 week butt camp challenge I start Monday, July 13, 2020. I’m glad I had an opportunity to listen to this podcast, it was a shot in the arm. Thanks Kim!

  7. Helen Enser Morgan says:

    What can I say about this amazing lady? I love her no nonsense & honest approach which is done in a way without judgement but with understanding, empathy & compassion.

    I love Kim’s personality as she does says stuff & you laugh out loud. She has a natural wit that makes her even more endearing.

    Kim makes you look at yourself & want to take accountability. It’s not just about losing weight but Kim understands people & their mindsets, & how that can prevent us being our best selves; how we can self-sabotage & how our pasts can affect us in the present.

    I feel Kim gives me a reality check to stop being a victim of my circumstance & makes me look at where I am now & to do something about it.

    I especially loved the menopause podcast as I have been a victim of menopause for many years. I started really early after fertility treatment, which sadly didn’t work. I have been angry at my body for not working as a women’s body should work by not getting pregnant. I’m now 54 & have full menopause & I know I have to stop blaming my body for not being perfect & to do the best I can with what I have.

    I’m so so grateful I started following Kim as she is such an inspiring lady who teaches me how to be truly honest with myself about my body & to own the excuses I make, & that’s ok, it’s ok to be honest with myself.

    Kim talks from her heart & is so congruent in her approach, & boy does she know her shit!! I am constantly amazed with the knowledge Kim has. I especially love that she is vegan & as a vegan myself I know she is giving me the best information of what my body needs. I have learned so much from Kim & will continue to do so.

    I have done a few of Kim’s programmes; I’ve done Kim’s home workout which is awesome & I highly recommend & its free (love that word). I did the 4-week shred in January in which I lost about 10 pounds; sadly I’ve put that back on during lockdown. I’m now doing the 8-week butt camp which I am loving & sometimes hating because it’s hard, but hard is ok! I’m doing the best I can & if I have a day when I haven’t done as much, I don’t beat myself up but try again the following day.

    I know I won’t get the body I want in 8 weeks but Kim makes me believe that in time with hard work I can get the best body for me & one that I am proud of. I don’t expect to look like Kim or Beyoncé but I just want to look at my own body & know that I look freaking awesome for me.

    I love the support I get in Kim’s Facebook groups on the programmes I have done. Kim’s coaches are awesome & everyone is so kind to each other. It’s nice to be in a place on social media & have that, as there is so much negativity around at the moment with so many keyboard warriors. There is nothing but kindness, compassion, knowledge & fun in Kim’s groups.

    Thank you Kim for all your guidance & I can’t wait to keep learning from you.

    Seriously if anyone needs that kick up the butt (with love) to get going, check out Kim Constable aka the Sculpted Vegan.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wow!!! Thank you….I am 51. I have 3 beautiful daughters I raised as a single mom. I worked a ton of night shifts to accommodate for childcare. (I am a Registered Nurse) I always worked out and was fit. Fitness was my one and only constant in my life, whether I was in the midst of happiness to sadness! I have always tried to be a role model for my children and at times you are 100% correct, I lied. Wow! So liberating to know I am not alone!! Fast forward to present. I am premenopausal, my gyno (who is a total jackass) said to me “even YOU are not exempt of aging”…. this was 2 years ago, this stayed and re-played in my head repeatedly. I began to gain belly fat and more a$$ fat than I ever have! Recently I came across your Instagram, just as you were offering the 8 week Butt Challenge, I said why not?? My eldest daughter (26) joined after me!!! You are open and transparent… I adore your podcasts… I was a vegan many years ago… somehow I went back to a vegetarian… however I am now week 3 into the program and every single one of my hot flashes are GONE!!! Including night sweats!!! As for my body and body image, you hit it dead on…. being skinny is NOT the “be all end all”…. being strong emotionally and physically is! Understanding our bodies and loving our own journeys …. I have never listened to podcasts before, I now look forward to yours! Thank you ? for your transparency and for not sugar coating the TRUTH! So liberating!!


  9. Kemberly Joyce says:

    Great podcast! Love that it touched the topic of being honest with yourself and to look at the excuses of why you say you can’t do something.

  10. Colleen Williams says:

    So so awesome, Kim! Thank you for this podcast. I will be 57 this year and am going through menopause. My husband and I have chosen to do whatever it takes to succeed and grow. We are presently doing the 8 week butt challenge and you are right…there are times that we are tired and not motivated. But fortunately we have each other to keep going and I am beating the menopause spread kicking and screaming. We know we can’t stop time and what it does to us, but we want to make sure we have the best quality of life we can.
    And yes when we tell people what we are doing, their response is usually “oh I couldn’t do that” (already defeated themselves) and we always reply “yes it is hard but if it was easy, everyone would do it!”
    Thanks for your motivating HONEST words. You are fantastic!

  11. Kristine Genovese says:

    Hey, Kim! I’m currently peri menopausal (just had blood drawn to test my hormone levels this week), so was really intrigued to learn that you had a podcast on this subject given that you (as I expected) had not yet gone through it yourself! So thanks for taking it on, even to simply discuss it. I’m also vegan, and there are definitely sudden changes in my body that are forcing me to adjust my diet, and certainly my workouts. The issue of being honest with yourself and not wanting to simply do the work really resonates with me as I have found that sometimes I am just exhausted from any and all aspects of my life–without a global pandemic–and honestly don’t give a shit. But that only lasts for a day or so, and I’m back to normal.
    My main issue is with consistency: I find it really difficult to get back on the horse, and I get easily distracted, wanting to vary my workouts because I’m frustrated with the lack of results. I think this is my biggest hurdle.
    Anyway, thank you so much for just recognizing that this is an issue for many women, and we need encouragement to know that just because we are peri or post menopausal doesn’t mean we have to settle for a less healthy, fit or active lifestyle. That’s complete crap, and I won’t accept it.

  12. Celine Wylie says:

    This is a great podcast! I am so thankful for your information and your truth. I am 47 years old but have been in menopause for awhile due to breast cancer and then a hysterectomy. It has been a complete nightmare trying to lose the weight. I eat vegan and work out diligently but it moves at a snails pace. Thank you again for your podcast!

  13. Varsha Imber says:

    Brilliant podcast. Glad you tackled this topic – I’m going through peri menopause so any info is beneficial

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you! I love your honesty! I am 52, and I fell into blaming menopause for how I looked. I never had trouble staying thin and always worked out. After I hit 50, I started menopause and it all went to hell ( for me, I am a perfectionist) So grateful that I just bought your 8 week program to transform my butt. Thank you for this podcast to transform my mind. ?❤️

  15. Bernadette Turner says:

    I absolutely loved this podcast!! I’m 52 going through menopause and have put on the muffin too .. lol .but ,like you said how many of us are lying to ourselves about not saying the truth . Like I for one can say yes I try to go to the gym 4 times a week . But , I also love my glasses of wine.. eek! But I know i can do anything if i put our heart and souls into it ,just like you do!! and I am so glad that I am following you. I love your honesty. It means an awful have a great gift for teaching and people are listening. Me for one.. you are amazing and you should be very proud!! I can’t wait for your next podcast.. many thanx.??X

  16. Tanya says:

    I am 37 and have been diagnosed with early onset perimenopause. I have severe symptoms of night sweats and temperature fluctuations. This podcast gives me the motivation to push through and prevent the breakdown of muscle and tummy spread. These tips are motivational to not let yourself be swayed by excuses.
    I don’t know what program I’d want to try as I’ve been so fatigued the last few months I’m worried I won’t keep up.
    I’m hoping that I can find the motivation to not let menopause symptoms get the best of me while I am still so young.

  17. Antoniya says:

    The fact that you have put so much into these programs, and into building your body, and at the same time to be able to say to people that being fit does not define them, and is not the most important thing … that’s priceless! What an amazing perspective, and really that’s why we all love you! Because you know the real things that really matter in life, and are always there for us to support without judgement!
    Thank you Kim! Please keep doing these podcasts, they are one of my favourite daily inspirations!

  18. Angela says:

    Ok Kim you stepped all on my toes!! This is so true. I know what I need to do I just need to get out of my own way and blaming menopause and getting older. I’m 52 and I was in great shape when I was younger and then the dreaded menopause came along and make everything difficult and I got tired of working harder. Instead of just adjusting to the new phase of my life I decided it wasnt important to me but it really was. I had always looked good and it was killing me that I had this belly fat. Now Im blaming my Achilles tendinitis as to why I can’t do all of the cardio instead of just doing what I can do for me instead of not doing it at all. I’m going to choose a program (cuz I have them all) and just do it and stick with it. Thank you for being brutally honest about why I was not being brutally honest.

  19. Jean Cosgriff says:

    I hear what you are saying, but not having gone through menopause – it really is a huge shift. I was working out daily and going to hot yoga consistently. Menopause hit and I didn’t have enough energy to walk around the grocery store without having to rest when I got home. I also gained 30 pounds quickly. When I did workout I was so exhausted I could not even work – so I had to cut back on working out so I could continue to have a job to support myself. My muscles hurt like I ran a marathon, when I didn’t even work out. There were times I felt so bad, I wasn’t sure I could even continue working. I worked with a naturopath on adrenal fatigue and hormone supplements and had to quit Hot Yoga which I think was depleting my minerals. It took several years until now when I could really work out again and still work a job. So, its not all a choice – it is a physical change that can make working out and losing weight extremely difficult, so please don’t assume that somehow the person is being “dishonest”. You have to really learn to take care of yourself. Its something you have to experience to really understand.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Hi, thank you so much for your feedback. I hope you can understand that I’m speaking from a place of what I have seen time and time again in my groups. Menopause, like chronic pain affects everyone differently. There are underlying issues that can make both worse. However, we always have a choice. Our hurdles are just that, hurdles. They become excuses when we decide to make them our truth. So, we can decide to not allow them to become our truths and keep digging to find what works for us. My community is 80% menopausal age, and they show me each and every day the incredible things the body is capable of with consistency. I do hope you continue to find what works for you. xoxo

  20. Leanne Bobee says:

    Wow! Such honesty. I joined your programs with the 4 week shred 2 years ago, had great success but could not maintain it. You are right. You can lose in menopause but it is so much HARDER!!! But it is possible. I think all of us in menopause get frustrated because what we have always done does nit work anymore. You hit the nail on the head… stop lying to yourself! And be honest with yourself on whey your goals are!! Loving these podcasts

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yay, so glad you loved it! Yes, we as women all have hurdles, it’s how we handle them that matters! menopause included xoxo

  21. Caroline says:

    What a breath of fresh air! I love that Kim just says it as it and shares so fully and openly. After a full hysterectomy 5 years ago, I stopped searching for information around menopause because all I could find was complaining online about “symptoms”. That said, I have used the excuse of having had a major operation (mine is surgical menopause) to basically stop me from staying fit and well. Deep down I knew that I was just making excuses to myself but sometimes it does take someone to help you see yourself and give you a push. Thankyou Kim
    P.S. best line in a podcast ever “You don’t have to have a vagina to be a gynaecologist” – love it ?

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