I Got Shredded and Made $52K Doing This ONE Thing – Podcast Episode 39

Inside all of us there’s a 4-year-old rebel trying to get out – myself included. But a single act of defiance nearly ruined my results when I was shredding for my first bikini show. Luckily I learned from my mistake. Now, I have a simple mantra to ensure I get results, whether I’m shredding, building my butt, improving my life, or succeeding in business. What’s that mantra? Listen to find out.

14 thoughts on “I Got Shredded and Made $52K Doing This ONE Thing – Podcast Episode 39

  1. Marie says:

    I signed up for your program but what is difficult is all the different links. Instead of going through and doing the workouts you have to stop to go to each link to see the exercise. It would be great to have a link to take you through the workout without the stop and go.

  2. Carole says:

    Thanks for this great Podcast…I had lots of problem with not following the plans and your podcast made me a big shift…you’re a great inspiration and I will bought your Business Program…I can’t wait to follow and apply it !! As french woman I also want to inspire Women to succeed following their heart competences. Really thanks for this inspiration podcast…Carole

  3. Kate says:

    What a brilliant podcast to listen to for my first and also as a newbie to the sculpt and shred. I would have also been tempted to change something (I’m certain of this) and wouldn’t have seen this as defiance! Also I like the message of not believing in the program (or yourself). I do look at other people and hear excuses as to why they look beautiful and I don’t. No more!!!!! I’m only a few lessons but I’m ready girl! Ready to trust and follow.

  4. Carolyn Bourne says:

    Great podcast ???I have never done a program but I watch your instragram constantly!! My hubby is a control freak and won’t let me spend $ on programs ….;( peace and love and light always ! Hope your daughter is better ??❤️

  5. Michelle Gonzales says:

    Awesome podcast I am definitely an over thinker…I just love your enthusiasm and outlook

  6. Llee Hardy says:

    Faith is trust without data. Such a simple and concise message with so much power! It is so incredibly hard for people to trust ANYTHING! Time and time again, maybe from past experiences or just from coming from a blocking mindset someone misses their opportunity to have or create something incredible. This podcast episode spoke to the fibers of my soul. This is my very first Sculpted Vegan shred (I purchased the jailhouse shred but burned the mess out of my entire left arm and hand so I couldn’t do it). I’m a true believer in opportunities coming right on time in a person’s life and being apart of the butt camp is no different. I’m in the process of starting my very first business and I have seriously epic goals. Each step of the process I have been introduced to listening to incredible women who are making waves in the world of business. When I woke up this morning (prior to doing my fasted cardio) my mind said, “Listen or you’ll miss it.” I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to listen to but someone in the Facebook group mentioned this episode. I’m so glad I did. Message received and needed for both the results I want for my squishy body and my business. Blueprints are meant to be followed!

  7. Maria Lemonier says:

    Kim, I am much older than you but I felt like a teeny weeny little kid being fussed at for stealing a cookie because I have NOT been following the 8-Week Program correctly. I’ve been doing MY thing. I am ready to restart correctly. Thanks for sharing so honestly.

  8. Kirsten says:

    Thank you for sharing your failures with us. We all have them but don’t always want to admit them! I am like you and I grew up defiant and still am! Just ask my husband! Unfortunately, I have two kids that are just like me! I am like your dad as a rule follower but need to work on that. My kids are leaders so I need to give them more choices and listen more to them! I have followed a lot of workout plans before and stuck to them and I did see some changes but never enough for me. When I saw your ad on Facebook for the butt camp, I read through it all on your website and when I saw that a meal plan was included I think I just felt a nudge in me saying maybe that’s what I have been missing. I think I eat fairly healthy but obviously it wasn’t what my body was needing in the other workout packages I had followed. I feel blessed that you have made this program so SIMPLE! You have it all laid out for us and that is what I needed. READ THE PDF (lol!) and do what the program says! No and’s, if’s or BUTT’S! Since I am a rule follower I think it’s been easy for me to stick to the program because you give us options every step of the way. I re-watch your workout instructional videos every week and I swear I learn something new each week with the same video! I have learned from myself that during emotional, moody or chaotic days I ‘feel’ like I need to eat away my feelings. With this program you have to be prepared and have all the free foods in your fridge. When I have those crappy days I just munch down a whole cucumber (definitely gotten some funny looks in the car when I’m driving and chopping down on a huge cucumber!) or steam a whole bag of broccoli. No matter what I stick to the plan but I am more aware of my feelings and what my go to healing mechanism was in the past and maybe now I can work on it in the future! I know we all have reasons for why trust is so hard for us but for some reason I have been very submissive in this process! I am certainly glad I found your program it was the right time for me in my life to take charge and say enough is enough!

  9. Karen Fenton says:

    Kim, you have no idea how much of a game changer this podcast has been for me. I have always been a defiant bugger, to the point where I’ve been pig headed at times. Always did things my way. Sometimes those things have been the best way for me, but I realise now it’s only when I know what I’m talking about, but not when I ignore the experienced person who is trying to teach or advise me. I was always like, “Thanks, but I’ll do it my way”, and quite often I’d fuck it up. As my late mum used to say: “You defiant little bugger. You never listen to good advice!” So much of what you say in this Podcast I can and do identify with and resonated with me so much.

    I am just embarking on the Holiday Shred. I prepped all my food then hurt my ankle a week ago. I was pissed off when I hurt my ankle at first, but now see it as a blessing. Why? Because I know full well I would have made changes to the plan, somehow. I had to sub tempeh for Quorn because I couldn’t get tempeh. Now after listening to this I will order the tempeh online and prep the meals to the exact measurement. I was also planning on putting in extra weight exercises. Doing the HS workout but throwing in some extra chest flys, chest presses, extra glute exercises, etc. I’m not going to do that now and shall just use my band. I can’t squat low at the moment, due to a coccyx issue but I will go as low as I can. I will be starting the HS a week later because of my ankle, but I shall be doing it to the letter. I January I will be doing Butt Camp and following it to the letter. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while so am really looking forward to it. I want to build the glute area to strengthen my back, which is my main reason for doing it.

    This podcast was also a game changer for me because I am starting up my own business as a freelance social media manager and it has taught me to stick to the 30 day plan that my course tutors have laid out.

    I came across this for the first time about a week ago and something has been telling me that I really need to listen to it. I am so glad I did. Thank you so much Kim.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Awww, this gave me all the feels! So much reflection, growth and strength in your words. I am honored to have you in my tribe, and cannot wait to watch you smash every single goal you are setting for yourself. I do hope you will tag me in those special moments you have along the way! Cannot wait to continue to watch your journey! Very proud of you gorgeous!

  10. Colleen says:

    Hi, This was great advice. I am so happy I listened to this. Thank you so very much.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      So glad you enjoyed! I hope you continue to tune in, gaining value and insight. xoxoxo

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