Exactly how I Meal Plan as a Vegan Athlete – Podcast Episode 38

This is a question I get asked a lot. Some people like the idea of having everything they eat planned out for them. Other folks are more attracted to the idea of doing it themselves, to favour the foods they like best. But what everybody wants to know is, which system will get you the best results? In this episode, not only do I tell you which system is best for which kind of person, but I give you a fool-proof way of planning your own nutrition. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Exactly how I Meal Plan as a Vegan Athlete – Podcast Episode 38

  1. Lizzy Roberts says:

    Good day…I’m new in this vegan lifestyle…I struggling to lose weight…can you tell me how much will you charge me for helping me to look amazing…I’m getting fat and lose interest in myself and getting depressed.. Please advice..I’m in SOUTH AFRICA KZN MARGATE

  2. Sara says:

    Amazing info. Just signed in to the butt camp. I’m a total newbie, I’m gonna just stick to the meal plan. Loved the little fit of rage on what they teach on schools haha.

    • Michelle says:

      I really enjoyed your podcast. It was a first for me although I follow you on Instagram. I was wondering about the butt camp and I think I’m going to enter the challenge.

  3. REBECCA DOE says:

    I loved the podcast and your teaching. But can I do this and get meal planning but I’m not a vegan. Do you offer this for non-vegan member?

  4. Kallie Fazzio says:

    This helped me so much thank you !!! This meal prep with macros is so new to me i can’t wait…🤙💪💪💪

  5. Kathy O'Neill says:

    Already signed up for the Butt Camp, have been looking for a total program that included a Vegan diet plan. This has been everything I’ve been searching for and more. Will be following the prescriptive meal plan while I learn to track and measure along the way. Expecting great success following the program to a T! Looking forward to an ongoing relationship as I continue to shred and build my total body using your plans! So much amazing information shared in this podcast, will need to listen again and take better notes! Thank you for all you do! Prayers for your daughter to be home soon!

  6. Cristina Macedo says:

    Thanks for the info! I need to listen it again to take better notes! I signed up for the 8 week butt camp, excited to start 🙂

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