Squat Your Way to Relieving Back Pain – Podcast Episode 35

I used to have really bad back pain. And training in the gym, especially squatting, didn’t help at all. But that’s because I was doing it wrong. Years of research and experimentation later, my back is so much better, as is my squatting technique. What’s the secret? It has something to do with imagining you’re sucking a smoothie through a straw using an intimate body part. Let me explain. On with the show.

10 thoughts on “Squat Your Way to Relieving Back Pain – Podcast Episode 35

  1. Zuhal says:

    I usually can’t listen to someone for a long time on social media but I love to listen to you. You are so funny! And very informative. I had time between Body Strenght and Drop Cardio for JHS so decide to turn off. Keep it up girl??

  2. Aileen says:

    Helpful information as always! I’ve always wanted to sculpt my butt, so this next program is something I’m excited to try. Funny and entertaining to the very end, your nighttime DJ voice at the end literally made me LOL!

  3. Bernie Oldfield says:

    You are fabulous to listen to.
    This is so informative.
    Can’t wait to implement the milkshake into my next session.
    The 8 week butt program sounds great.

  4. Bernie Oldfield says:

    You are so great to listen to.
    Informative and laughs as well.
    Will be implementing the Milkshake into my next session.
    The 8 week glute program sounds amazing.

  5. Helene Reiss says:

    Really enjoyed this podcast, yup, made me laugh out loud a lot! Thank YOU Kim!!! Great explanation for everything,( vagina sucking up extra thickened up smoothie absolutely hysterical). AND finally got clear direction on how to do a squat properly. What a great explanation on how to prevent lower back pain! Your genuine enthusiasm for everything is deliteful!!!

  6. Steph says:

    Thanks Kim, I got alot out of this podcast, great information to help me with my lower back pain. I got alot of laughs too (loved the handy tampon tip!)

    • Amelia Denetchiley says:

      Hi Kim,
      You are awesome ??? Great explanation on squats… Swishhhh I love your details ?? ..

  7. Harriet Tuck says:

    I love you and your podcast. I started listening a few months ago. I did your free home workout. I am also a business owner. I shared one of your podcast with my employees. I love the way you give a gift of the things you have learned in life as well as fitness. I am doing you free home workout now. Thank you!!!

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