Butt Talking with The Glute Guy (Bret Contreras) – Episode 33

Butt, bum, arse, ass – whatever you call it, few parts of the body cause as much head-scratching and discussion as the rear end. Whether you like it big or small, we all aspire to having firm buttocks. My guest this week is known as The Glute Guy. Bret Contreras was teased at school for his diminutive butt, so he decided that the best revenge was to learn everything there was to know about glutes. After today’s show, you too will have a degree in buttology.

4 thoughts on “Butt Talking with The Glute Guy (Bret Contreras) – Episode 33

  1. Nicola says:

    Camera up their vag….as!!!🤣🤣 Loved this podcast!! Brett actually mentioned a lot of what you talked about on your live JHS Q&A on Monday about being able to do so many more reps and so on. Really interesting chat and though I’m really missing the gym and training with friends, I feel that after the JHS. I’m more focussed and have something to work towards. I’ll try and get those extra reps in as well as some hip bridges, which for whatever reason , I always try to avoid! 😉

  2. Gayle Kelly says:

    This episode on gluetious was very informative. I’m 59 and don’t want a pair of flap jacks as a booty. Thanks for giving us good information.

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