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Why I’ll Never Be One Of Those Vegan B******s – Podcast Episode 32

Let me start by saying that vegans can be the nastiest bunch of b******s you’ll ever meet – some of them. So why did I decide to join them? Raised in a meat-loving family, I even had to apologise to my dad whenever I invited a vegetarian to dinner. And yes, to this day I still miss the taste of cheese. So why did I change? Warning: the reason why I became a vegan is going to shock/surprise/annoy/disgust or delight you, but you’re sure to learn something. Listen on.

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9 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Be One Of Those Vegan B******s – Podcast Episode 32

  1. Ehim Cristina Maria says:

    Very well said about such a delicate subject .
    I became a vegetarian from January 2019 mostly because of the animals but also because of the impact of animal farming on klimate change .
    I’ve been following you ever since on Instagram and I just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to me. From January 2020 I decided to go vegan ( or plant based like you said , because to go all the way vegan takes much time and money to find the right products that do not contain any part of an animal … ?) .

  2. Susan Barg says:

    Thank you Kim! Once again your timing couldn’t have been better with this podcast message. I decided to try eating vegan simply out of curiosity. I’ve never been a huge meat or dairy lover . I’ve always preferred veggies and colorful eating. In February my friend Cindy Tegtmeyer introduced me to you and told me about a 4 week shred challenge she had done with The Sculpted Vegan. I became curious. Shortly after that she share with me the Vegan Challenge that you put out. I followed it and I was convinced that this was the way my body needed to be eating. I fell in love with the food, the fact that I didn’t wake up with my joints aching and the fact that I had so much more energy. I then listened to your Master Class, was considering signing up for the 18 month program and then Covid-19 hit. Now more than ever I was determined to do something good for my body during a very turbulent and unprecedented time. So I signed up for the JHS. Love love love!!!! My husband supported me throughout this program and loved the changes that he is seeing in my body, health and attitude that he has asked if he could follow the program the next time around. So…I will be repeating the JHS through our extended lock down here in IL (as our gyms are still closed and I’m a body worker by trade and am not allowed to work…sigh). I am probably right on the cusp of needing to build muscle and not shred much more fat, but this is all new to me so I will try and adapt the next 4 weeks using some of the free tools you have made available to us on your website. I’m all about experiential living and learning and am enjoying your lives and podcasts so much on my 60 min cardio everyday. Thank you for your love and support of all of us and for educating us on how to be the best version of ourselves. Hugs!

  3. Laureen says:

    This is a great podcast and a great reminder….I have lived it…so many have commented on my healthy/fit appearance and ask about my diet and exercise routine….and a conversation begins…..

  4. Anetta Segato says:

    Truly heartfelt and platinum Kim. Advice from mommy Kim lol. Your like a mom with this advice. That’s a compliment. After recently losing my mom to cancer a few of your podcasts hit home for several reasons. I don’t often comment but this was a joy. You are appreciated.

  5. cheyenne says:

    Thank you Kim not only for another great podcast but for sharing your story and your truth. I truly feel like I was meant to hear this today. I have tried in the past to follow a vegan program and it just didn’t work for me. Not only did I not make the changes I had expected, but I also just found it stressful and not sustainable for me to follow. I love that vegans want to protect animals, save the world and also work on their health. I know that you do too, but just in a different way. I love that you are plant based but are not judgmental if your followers do not or cannot live exactly the way that you do. As much as I would love to be vegan, it’s just not doable for me at the moment. I am currently having food sensitivities to tofu, tempeh, and gluten…I mean if you made me feel guilty for not eating vegan right now, what the F would I eat?! So thank you again 🙂

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      My philosophy is “come on in, the water is warm, and I have cocktails”! We are all in different parts of our journey’s and we all deserve respect. I’m glad you feel the love, and are doing what’s right for you! Thank you for listening, it means the world! xoxox

  6. Leanne Bobee says:

    I had looked at your Instagram and Facebook pages for months before joining. I did not want to be part of a group of Vegans that make everyone else feel bad and shamed. I am still vegetarian but trying to become vegan. It’s the bloody cheese that holds me back! But I’m getting there. I love your honesty and your no judgement attitude. It really is refreshing! I may not agree on everything but I respect your opinion and am learning so much more than I signed up for!!

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