Will I Lose My Muscles When I’m Not Training at the Gym? – Podcast Episode 31

I’m getting asked this question a lot during lockdown. So in this week’s show I clear up some of the myths about how muscles grow, how long they stay toned, when they start to atrophy and what you can do about it. And how you DON’T even need anything as basic as a couple of dumbbells and an exercise band to maintain your muscles when the gyms are closed. Oh, and hear the secret of how my husband grew more muscle in two months than he had in the previous two years. Let’s go!

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5 thoughts on “Will I Lose My Muscles When I’m Not Training at the Gym? – Podcast Episode 31

  1. Alessandra says:

    There’s something wrong with the audio (tried several ways to play but all I get is noise)

  2. Susan Barg says:

    Virtual hugs from a safe “social distance!”Loved this podcast so much! I have shared it with my husband and he has agreed to listen to it as well. This is totally me throughout my life! Now as I enter a new decade I am looking at this program as a “transition” to a lifestyle change. I’ve decided to call it “sculpted@60”. I am currently in the JHS competition and feel this has met me exactly where I am at! I entered this program cautiously…tried the Vegan Challenge a few weeks before signing up for the JHS and absolutely loved it! This challenge has encouraged me to continue to build on this new lifestyle rather than look a short term result. I’m all about experiential learning/living and this is all part of my journey! Thank you Kim (and all of the coaches) for helping me on my journey to being the best version of myself that I can be as I turn 60 next week!

  3. Anne Molina says:

    I loved this episode! You gave really valuable information on muscle loss, pushing to failure, etc, but it mainly resonated with me for your message of when we resist life. At first I didn’t know where the story with your dog was going but then I realized what you were saying. We resist what we don’t want, which makes that thing persist. I learned this lesson big time this past Dec when I herniated a disc that caused excruciating sciatic pain. I couldn’t train in the gym anymore, and initially worried about muscle loss. I was meditating a lot too and learned that even though I had physical pain, I had a choice. I could choose to focus on the pain and it prolong it. Make it worse. Or I could choose to be grateful for how my body was using pain to protect me. I recovered fully in 2 months! And now I’m stronger than ever. I just completed Jailhouse Shred with great results. Thank you

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