Can Vegans and Carnivores Ever Truly be Friends? – Podcast Episode 30

My guest this week only eats meat – that’s all. And when I first heard about her I dismissed her as a crazy fool. But when I heard her moving life story, I changed my opinion 180 degrees. This is the story of how Mikhaila – daughter of the famous professor of psychology, Jordan B. Peterson – and I became firm friends, despite fundamental differences in our approach to food.

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11 thoughts on “Can Vegans and Carnivores Ever Truly be Friends? – Podcast Episode 30

  1. Helena Kalivoda says:

    Wow, that certainly made me face my own judgemental me, though I think of me as being open-minded. After knowing the entire background, all I can say is I am so appreciative of Mikhaila and you, sharing her journey because it is showing me if there is a will, there is a resolution and a success.

  2. Adrienne Brookhiser says:

    I am not a true vegan but I have come to find out some items taste better than the meat itself

  3. Kate says:

    2sides to every story .
    Really enjoyed that interview.
    You are a great speaker .
    Well done
    I’m a vegetarian now going to try cutting out dairy .
    Thank you again

  4. Sonjique Richardson says:

    This is a beautiful way of understanding other. I have been suffering from Arthritis for the past five years now and it’s very difficult especially, because I am pregnant. I had to change my diet because the food I use to eat wouldn’t digest.Now I only eat chicken and fish with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I really enjoy the podcast its amazing that you are so Enlighten keep up the good work.

  5. Lena Gatling says:

    This podcast platform was not plant vs meat. It was something so much deeper. Just because its not our truth does not mean it’s not a great thing. Sometimes people just eat to be heard.They are not asking us for acceptance they are simply telling you their story. Perhaps ! Perhaps their truth may help or reach as least one person. Why are we so uncomfortable with someone else story ? There are few things in life that we can claim as exclusive and our story, our opinion are a few of them. The key word is OUR not YOURS because you have your own. When you hear someone speak know that they are not always asking you if they need a little more salt or pepper. Stop trying to tweak my recipe. It’s my recipe. The key is to figure out what works best for your life. Become a listener with a smile . Sometime that is all someone needs. (Kim I started out with your 12 month, 4 week shred, Jailhouse Shred. I am a huge fan) I was doing my 60 minute slow and steady on my treadmill while I listen to this podcast. I kept jumping off to write down comments. So powerful. A lesson in humanity. I love who you represent. Keep changing the world one person at a time. Take care.

  6. Mike says:

    Wow… I love this podcast! You treated Mikaila with such tenderness. You are an amazing human being!❤

  7. Rose Kotta says:

    Kleenex time…that was lovely , we truly need to be coming from a place of love, best of luck to Mikhaila and love to you Kim!

  8. Misty says:

    Enjoyed this….I am carnivorish…I do have occasional veg…I have the same problem (or similar) as Ms Peterson. Pain has been a tremendous part of my life as well. I can’t tell you the relief my husband and I have found with this diet. I am not 100% pain free yet…we have been on this journey for only just over a year and I am obese as well as diabetic. My a1c started out well over a 10 and that’s WITH 3 different medications(insulin, jardiance, metformin). I was on several pain meds as well as enbrel & methotrexate (like Mikhaila). My liver started to be heavily distressed among other things because of all the prescriptions. The research began. Doctors treated me badly when I started pushing back and etc. I tell you the truth….the diet only just so far has eased my pain and symptoms better than any pill I’ve ever taken in my entire life! My a1c is now (or last it was checked anyway) 4.9 WITHOUT *ANY* medication. I am prescription free today. Praise God. I’ve lost well over 50lbs so far. There are so many positive gains. Im not saying carnivore is the end all be all but what I am saying is that I am so thankful that the Lord has shown me….food is medicine and it can heal me too. I’m praying for you all and bless you xoxo

  9. Karen Shockley says:

    Believe it or not… good things ARE unfolding from this pandemic. Learning how to appreciate our differences as human beings is one of many. Everybody has a story and they deserve to be heard. Thanks Kim! This is beyond working out. These are life lessons.

  10. Joanie says:

    It is wonderful to recognize a friendship’s true value. To learn and experience life in ways you never would without this person’s path crossing your own.

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