Training from Home – Making it Work for You – Podcast Episode 28

They’ve closed your gym. And you’ve got little, or no, equipment at home. So, what now? What’s achievable if, like most of the world at the moment, you’re stuck training at home? Well, you can achieve more than you think. This is a behind the scenes look at how, after four years of professional bodybuilding, and only training in gyms, I took on the challenge of developing a training program that can be done successfully at home with zero equipment.

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13 thoughts on “Training from Home – Making it Work for You – Podcast Episode 28

  1. Amber Wigley says:

    My husband and I are super excited to start the Jailhouse Shred! Enjoyed listening to your podcast to give us the motivation to push through and give that 100% . Not going to hold back, because we want a body we can be proud of, this summer. Thanks!

  2. Denise Duquette says:

    I am 68, with knee and back discomfort. 3 arthroscopic knee surgeries, degenerative spine. I am fit, but not strong. What do you suggest? Your pod cast was great! Thank you.

  3. tammy says:

    I used to work my butt off but it always seemed to go two steps forward and 1 back with binge eating. I then suffered some gut issues but now am gaining my strength back, no more fatigue. Like I did a 200 burpee challenge then when the problem hit I couldn’t do 1. I then hit menopause and my hormones are all wacky and not I have fluffy fat, and edema but this inspired me to try again.

  4. Teresa H says:

    I did the Jailhouse Shred chest workout yesterday without the video and totally half-assed it. Rested too long, etc… Will do with the videos going forward to keep me pushing. Thanks so much Kim for creating this workout. I too was bored with the DB home workout. This is totally different which I love! I plan to emerge from this quarantine as a shredded butterfly! Thanks again Kim!

  5. Kelly Smith says:

    Great explanation of how the jailhouse program came into being. I agree with Amber and her husband – I want a body I can be proud of this summer!

  6. Michelle Castaner says:

    As always Kim you fill us with knowledge and information. I am so grateful for the at home program you provided us!! And now Jail House Shred!! So exciting! I own all your programs and this would be a great challenge; one I know you put your heart and soul into as you do with all your programs…amazing results guaranteed as long as we put in our 100%. No pain no gain that is for sure…all worth it. I hope I can add this one as it sounds right up my alley. Love your Podcast and looking forward to the next one. Stay healthy and safe.

  7. Bonna Weizer says:

    I have worked out from home many times. Kim you have drilled it into my head with this podcast the difference between working out and training This is key. I cant wait to get back to the gym. Until then the Jailhouse Shred will do wonders for my body and mental status. Than you Kim??

  8. Jane says:

    Hearing your voice is a push already!the knowledge u share and research u have done for this shred its incredible!Amazing podcast,Kim!? your a true Superhero ??

  9. Caroline Curley says:

    The podcast was great thanks Kim!!
    I have hit a plateau in my @ home fitness with another company. You have inspired me and this feels like the push I need.. excited to experience and try your workouts !

  10. Natalie Brown says:

    I’m signing up! Sounds like an awesome program. I’ve followed you for about a year but timing wasn’t right to get on board. You’re authentic and speak with knowledge and integrity about your craft, always stepping up to the challenge of how can I help people. Thanks for being a shining light and motivator.

  11. Tanya Williams says:

    So if you want to build muscle you don’t do any cardio? I want to continue to build muscle at home but am still doing cardio regularly.

  12. Stephanie Legendre says:

    I have had body image issues all my life and now I feel like I’m finally getting it. Working on 8 week butt camp now and loving it!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I’m so glad you’re loving it! Looking forward to seeing your results!

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