Coronavirus – How You CAN get through it – Episode 25

There’s no avoiding the big health and fitness issue of the moment. It’s affecting all our lives in a very profound way. My mission this week is to give you the strategies and techniques to move on from the initial fear to a position where you’re able to mobilize a whole load of inner strength that even you might not know that you have. Let’s do it.

Podcast Reference List

1. Take fear and generate options
2. Journal gratitude
3. Daily commitment to stop thriving on worry

7 thoughts on “Coronavirus – How You CAN get through it – Episode 25

  1. GAYLE KELLY says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Thanks why you are truly blessed….you keep passing the favor to others

  2. Joanne Plante says:

    Great podcast! I have noticed how 15 minutes of meditation has helped me to not be reactive and choose how to have empowering thoughts. Yet, I always need this encouragement

  3. Kim Bane says:

    Keep calm and do as much you can to take care of yourself and family. We’ll get through this. Go out get fresh air, get exercise and try to eat wholesome food. Trust God and use common sense!❤️

  4. Erica says:

    I am really enjoying listening to your Podcasts. I am a personal trainer who is becoming inspired to keep on keeping on with my clients even when they don’t want to. Thanks!

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