Getting Real about Body Transformation – Episode 14

There are so many myths and lies about transforming your body. In my early days I neglected my nutrition and craved a big booty to appear instantaneously with just a wave of my magic wand. I’m so much wiser now. And you can be too with this episode on what it really takes to transform your body.

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Emily Skye
Volume training
12 week shred
4 week shred
18 month program
Sculpt and Shred
My fitness pal

8 thoughts on “Getting Real about Body Transformation – Episode 14

  1. Corrie Tipene Sanson says:

    Yes, yes, yes re nutrition – this has definitely been my downfall in the past, am going to nail my nutrition, discipline & prep 🙂 my achilles heel!

  2. Cindy Simis says:

    Love Kim’s Podcasts….No bull, passionate about what she does and enjoys sharing with excitement he vast knowledge

  3. MeLissa Little says:

    Hi Kim! I love your approach to real info concerning transforming your body. Is there a way to do your program but subbing in meat/eggs for protein? I purchased the 7 day shred..and had a hard time eating 6x’s a day. When I lift weights I tend to bulk up really quickly and have avoided doing much lifting because I feel so fat initially…. but know that is the only way to transform my body at 50. I’ve been at 145-148lbs and want to get to 128-130lbs. Body fat percentage I think is around 28-32 percent. I’m pretty dense. What do you recommend?

  4. Janice Charters says:

    Love Kim’s podcasts. Keeping it real and highlighting all the pitfalls. It seems such a big undertaking to enter everything in MFP so great tips on keeping it manageable and making small sustainable changes 🙂

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      So glad you enjoyed, it can be tiresome in the beginning learning to use MFP but it truly becomes such a valuable tool! xoxo

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