If you do extra hours in the gym, is it okay to take short cuts on the nutritional side of your fitness program? I not only answer this but give you three hot tips on how measure your progress – and none of them includes a set of scales.

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16 thoughts on “ARE ABS REALLY MADE IN THE KITCHEN? – Episode 10

  1. Jennifer Carey says:

    That was fantastic. Your so right the workout is the easy part, putting pen to paper and time and thought into nutrition is sooo much harder. I’ve been working harder then i have in a long time at the gym with no change, unfortunately i didn’t change my diet but i figured i would still loose weight because at least I’m going to the gym now. NOT SO MUCH. Thank you so much for this , it’s exactly what i needed to hear!! I’m going to make sure I’m one of the ones that can post pictures because I’ve put in all the work!!

  2. Jurgita says:

    Wow! Great podcast! This is whst I needed to hear. Results come slow, but they do! I’ve started meal plan first, lost weight/fat, started counting, then added gym. Somehow it happened this way.

  3. Fiona Kennedy says:

    Great info Kim. Love how you are so down to earth and truth always hurts but the results are key. X

  4. Emily says:

    I am LOVING your podcasts, Kim! You are such an inspiration! I never considered working out until after I had my seventh baby. I spent my days milking cows, gardening, and hauling water. I didn’t think I needed to do more….but after 7 babies, I was NOT in good shape. I started working out, but soon became pregnant with my 8th child. She’s now 16 months old. I have lost 50 pounds in the last year and I am ready to build muscle! Thank you for inspiring me!♥️

  5. Belinda says:

    Kim, thanks so much. This was exactly the kind of push I need to get my nutrition in order. Truth is I have no idea where to start. Nutrition planning and tracking, macros?? is all words Please give me an idea of what my plate should look like. Help.

  6. Angela Arnall says:

    I don’t have itunes…. but wanted to leave a message here and say ‘THANK YOU!’ You are amazing to listen to – dispelling the truth we may not necessarily want to hear but need to hear.

  7. Maya Goodwin says:

    Loved this podcast! That’s exactly right ?‍♀️ It’s all in the food prep and counting macros. The training part is relatively easy for me because I so used to it. It’s the work in the kitchen and understand what to eat. Thanks for sharing ?

  8. Paula Lima says:

    Kim gives it to us straight up!! She doesn’t blow smoke up anyones ass!! I love that because honesty is what it is all about. So many people out there that are full of BS but Kim will not sell you something that won’t work. You want it, she will get you there but believe me, you will need to work hard for it. <3 If it was easy, everyone would do it!!!

  9. Liza says:

    Dear Kim, I have been following your journey of getting your amazing body….and you look incredible. I am in my 40 ….being a bodybuilder was always my dream. I went from being active n going to the gym being able to beat any 20 something people and feel good about it to a bad insecure relationship where going to the gym was issue, and depression and weight gain, disgusted with the way I look…
    Counting Marcos was something I cant understand for the life of me…using a app is difficult because I make most of my meals, so how I can count a bowl of mixed up stuff?

  10. Jody says:

    Love your work, killing it on all fronts … I have listed to all of your podcasts in succession (whilst at the gym, or driving the car – everywhere). It’s like having a chat over dinner hearing you talk about all this stuff. So real, genuine, authentic – the honest account is refreshing. Inspiring on many levels, thanks, just love it. Enjoy your trip down under, it’s very smokey hear at the moment from all the fires. Excited for the next podcasts!

  11. Margott Hinostroza says:

    I just finished week 4 of butt camp and I have learned so much about proper nutrition and tracking macros from the butt camp’s program’s documents and information. This is an excellent podcast as it reinforces what I’m learning. I have seen a great change in my body from 4 weeks ago! 🙂

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I’m so glad you’re making the connections between the Podcasts and what you’re doing in the programs! I do hope you’ll share your after photos with us, if you’re competing this round Good Luck!

      • Margott Hinostroza says:

        Yes! I’m sharing my photos and progress in the private Facebook group for Butt Camp. I love the support we get from everyone there and the amazing coaches answering all of our questions. 🙂

        • The Sculpted Vegan says:

          Very glad to hear our coaches are caring for you! Keep smashing those goals athlete!

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