Phase 1

Lesson 10

Training From Home

I always said that I would never create a home workout plan simply because without significant load, you cannot build any sizeable muscle at home. However, I am aware that not everybody wants to have a super muscular body. Some people just want to burn fat, sculpt a little muscle and look and feel better. This tough, effective home workout means you don’t have to leave your house to chisel a beautiful body.

Meet Paul

Meet the man who helped me create The Jailhouse Shred. Paul Allen, is a Ninja Warrior finalist twice over, who has over 10 years experience in calisthenics.  In this video he explains his background in fitness and how it has got him to where he is today.

What is Calisthenics?

In this video Paul explains what calisthenics is, how it works and how anyone can use it to sculpt an incredible physique.  The beauty of Calisthenics is that it can be performed anywhere!  The world is your playground.

The Importance of form

When it comes to performing any type of exercise, your form is of paramount importance. In this video Paul and I chat about why you must begin with the foundation exercises, executing each one with perfect form, to build the strength to move into the more advanced versions. 

How to progress

In this video, Paul shares his secrets on how to progress to some of the more advanced exercises in the program.  Advanced Calisthenics is about building a strong foundation in both body and mind, so that you have the skill, strength and confidence to progress to the next level.  In this video we break down exactly how you can do this.

Training to Failure

As you know I am very passionate about training to failure and it’s a concept that I love to teach. In this video we teach you what training to failure means in terms of Calisthenics, and exactly how you can use this technique to sculpt incredible strength and shape. 

Home Body vs Gym Body

The only way to sculpt a stage worthy body, is to train in a gym.  Yet, not everyone wants to look like a physique athlete!  In this video we discuss the differences in the body you will achieve if you only train from home, versus training in the gym with weights.  We also break down how you can enhance your gym training with this at home workout, and vice versa.

Phase 2: Stronger


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