Why women need to eat more to build muscle and burn fat

Why women need to eat more to build muscle and burn fat

Eating more for muscle growth is a subject that is hard for a lot of women to get their head around. For many women, fat loss is the ultimate goal but, with society and media bombarding us with the message to eat less almost to the point where we dread the word ‘calorie’, we begin to obsess about every single morsel that enters our mouths and carry this train of thought into our strength training regime. But, if you want to build lean muscle along with burning fat, you need to get over your fear of calories. Here’s why:

Muscles love calories

Forget about restrictive diets – too many diets these days are geared towards calorie restriction and targeted to women who want to be super-skinny, not lean and strong. These restrictive diets won’t feed your muscles with the required essential nutrients, carbohydrates and protein. Muscles need a surplus – not a deficit – of calories in order to grow and build. There’s no longer any reason to be scared of calories and if you’d like to find out how many calories you should be consuming daily, check out our free calculator.

Muscles boosts metabolism which in turn burns fat

The muscle is a highly metabolised tissue and, when you build muscle, you boost your metabolism. This means that when you build muscle, that muscle will burn more calories – and therefore more fat – even after your workout has finished. Simply put, the more you eat, the more you’ll boost your metabolism, the more muscle you’ll grow by weight-training and the more fat you’ll burn.

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