5 Must-know Secrets to Build an Athletic Body at Home

Many of us are at max capacity just working, chasing children and managing all of the normal details of life. You may feel there’s no time left for the gym, but you want all of the benefits. There is hope for you! If you are looking to build an athletic physique, in the comfort of your home, you can do it. Here are some simple, practical steps to get you going.


Start in the Kitchen


Working out at home means you have total control over your environment. You can clear out the foods that get you into trouble—and you can stock up on veggies, nuts, fiber-rich carbs and protein.


TIP: I recommend 30g of plant-based protein for breakfast. Tofu scramble is a great place to start. If you are on the go, here’s a great protein shake. If your breakfast calories are at least 30% protein you will reduce water retention and increase your resting metabolic rate by 20%.


You can also take your diet to the next level by meal planning. Here’s my free vegan, 7-day plan. If you set aside a few hours on the weekend, you can plan the entire week’s meals and snacks—and stay on track.


Make Way


Speaking of staying on track, clear space in your schedule just like you would to meet your trainer at the gym. Adding your workout to your calendar is the only way to get an athletic build from home. No excuses! Take yourself seriously. Start at the same time every day.


Workout how YOU like


The good news about working out at home is you can switch it up as much as you want, no gym hours or sweaty machines. Plus, you need very little investment. Start with dumbbells or kettlebells. Find a strong workout program or youtube channel to follow. You can sign up for my next bodybuilding program here. Begin by taking your measurements and weighing yourself.


Write down your specific body goals. Rock-hard abs for summer? Toned legs? No problem. Zeroing in on your goal will keep you motivated.


Chart your daily workouts on an app or on paper, and add cardio through running outside—this is easy to incorporate even on holiday.


Get your Plant-based Protein On!


As a plant-based bodybuilder, you need your protein just as much as other athletes. Snack on nuts and seeds. Top off your shakes and salads with ground flaxseed. Add beans and legumes to meals. Make commonsense swaps like quinoa in place of rice. You’ll feel satisfied and fueled as your body builds new muscles and burns fat.


Sunday Off


Choose a day for rest. Eat sensibly and let your body rebuild itself. This is a great day to plan your meals and workouts for the new week.


Remember, lifestyle changes take time. Celebrate your efforts and take time to thank your strong and healthy body.