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Hartford, Connecticut

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  • Motivation and mindset

  • Emotional support

  • Beginner vegans and fitness enthusiasts

  • Meal planning and macros


  • Master’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders/Audiology

  • Bachelor’s in Human Development and Communication Sciences and Disorders/Audiology

  • Owner of Speaking Naturallee – teletherapy private practice


Along her own beautiful journey through physique change, Llee lost an astounding 50 lbs before finding The Sculpted Vegan community and subsequently pushing herself to new physical and mental limits.

A natural-born athlete and leader, Llee is a magnet for competition. She has played almost every sport imaginable, including swimming, basketball, softball, horseback riding, gymnastics, and soccer (even making team captain every single time!)

She is no stranger to the kind of attitude it takes to win at anything you put your mind to.

People are her true passion. She has a priceless talent for making others laugh and helping them see their true value and place in this world.

Llee has extensive training and experience in meal planning and teaching. Having undergone numerous plant-based and vegan diets, she excels in teaching others how to read their body’s responses to various nutritional avenues while tracking data to reach results.

“Expect the unexpected.”

Her incredibly infectious energy and sweet nature are what make everyone gravitate towards her. She shows everyone extreme kindness and generosity and is often told that her sensitivity towards others’ needs and wants is one of her most admirable qualities. 

Llee holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree, and resides in Connecticut with her attention-loving pups.