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Belfast, United Kingdom

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  • Posing

  • Shredding/fat loss

  • Training with injuries

  • Emotional support

  • Muscle building

  • Beginners in fitness

  • Motivation and mindset


  • NABBA 2012 – Miss Toned 4th place

  • UKBFF 2012 British Qualifier Fitness 2nd place

  • WABBA 2013 – Miss Athletic 4th place

  • UK BFF 2014 British Qualifier Fitness 1st place


  • Personal Trainer

  • Pilates Instructor

  • Gymnastics Competitive Squad Coach


With 13 years in the fitness industry, Laura is a highly sought-after pilates instructor, gymnastics coach, and personal trainer. 

She has competed in five bodybuilding shows (placing 1st in her last competition), and fully understands the mindset shifts that need to happen on the journey towards physique change and overall health and happiness.

Her studies in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy afford her the unique ability to connect with her clients’ psychological and behavioral weaknesses and teach them how to turn those struggles into strategies to be used for their ultimate success.

She is incredibly kind, caring, and honest. She listens intently and patiently to her clients and understands that their comfort and trust in her are of utmost importance. 

Her many passions include self-development and being environmentally-friendly. 

“Be your own cheerleader. Life is hard, but if you believe in yourself, you can do ANYTHING.”

Laura resides in charming Belfast Ireland with her sweet pups and can be found training and spending time with her sweet nieces and nephews in her spare time.


“My coaching session with Laura was so far above my expectations! Seriously, I am still kind of in shock!! I expected it to be really good, but it was beyond AMAZING! It was an ultra professional session where we unlocked my personal “root cause” Whys that I let get in my way! Focused on How(s) for getting thru them and then realistic starting steps I needed to take action on to get me MOVING FORWARD! I’m impressed at how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! I not only got what I needed to start succeeding in the program, but also IN MY LIFE! Quite frankly … it was SPOT ON, exactly what I needed and worth every penny! ? Thank you!! ?”

“Was an invaluable session. Laura really helped me and I feel better armed. Can’t wait for my next session. Plan to have one prior to each phase. Thanks Kim and Laura”