Let’s find the right coach for you!

At The Sculpted Vegan, our coaches will not only help you achieve your goals, but will uphold you at times when you cannot uphold yourself.

Our coaches are there to guide you in your journey, whenever you hit a roadblock. Whether you want a regular meetup or a one off strategy session, we are here to help.

We have trained some of the best vegan coaches in the world. Through our ongoing internal coaching program, our people progress through the most rigorous of tests to ensure we are offering the best advice and support that we can.

It is our pleasure to offer you this incredible one-to-one coaching option.

To ensure that you receive coaching from the person most suited to your needs, please complete the short questionnaire below.




“Vanessa is incredible, I picked her for her no nonsense approach with empathy and understanding… I wasn’t wrong, she saw me, got me, so much so I immediately bought the monthly subscription.. I was dubious initially at the price, what can you do in an hour.. she’s AMAZING. Thank you Vanessa ?”

“Coach Llee is everything I wanted in a coach. She is a good listener, she has empathy, she is
enthusiastic, she believes in me and helps me believe in myself and her guidance can be and has been easily generalized across all areas of my life. I am way more than impressed with her and the Sculpted Vegan. Kim really has an incredible eye for talent and Llee is proof of that”

“Stace is a gem! She was professional, authentic and encouraging! She represents Kim and The Sculpted Vegan with the utmost excellence.”

“Mark was lovely. He answered all the questions I had was very easy to speak to and I would definitely book the coaching with him again.”

“My coaching session with Laura was so far above my expectations! Seriously, I am still kind of in shock!! I expected it to be really good, but it was beyond AMAZING! It was an ultra professional session where we unlocked my personal “root cause” Whys that I let get in my way! Focused on How(s) for getting thru them and then realistic starting steps I needed to take action on to get me MOVING FORWARD! I’m impressed at how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! I not only got what I needed to start succeeding in the program, but also IN MY LIFE! Quite frankly … it was SPOT ON, exactly what I needed and worth every penny! ?
Thank you!! ?”

“I was so impressed with Coach Llee. In the hour time she listened to my story, empathized with me, listened to my goals and upcoming events and then came up with a short term and long term plan. She also gave me resources, motivation tips, and tips to build a positive strong mindset and accountability. I really felt listened to and taken seriously. I knew that I needed this and I knew it would be good because the TSV only offers the highest of quality but I never imagined that in one hour I could feel completely settled and I finally could see myself truly attaining my goals-THANK YOU Coach Llee ❤❤ “