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  When I first started training I made many mistakes. The first one was not training to failure to build muscle fast. If you’re not progressing in your weights, you’re not progressing, you’re coasting. The second mistake I made was changing my exercises too often, which stopped me from building a central nervous system pattern […]

Does Muscle Confusion Really Exist and Finding the Perfect Trainer | #AskKimC 011

In the second-to-last of my weekly Q&A’s, I reveal the wild story of how I met my personal trainer, discussed the benefits of Vitargo and its effects, and debunked the myth of “confusing your body”. Sign up to my Free Masterclass to learn the right steps on how to sculpt the body of a physique […]

How To Balance A Multi Million Dollar Fitness Business And Family

As an entrepreneur, I’m ultra focused in running and growing my online business. However, I still make sure that I spend quality time with my family (especially the kids) every week. See what has transpired during our trip in this new episode of #KimOnCamera. Sign up to my Free Masterclass to learn the right steps […]

To win NABBA bikini competition…I did these things 24 hours before

My heart is still racing from the moment they called my name confirming that… I’d won the NABBA bikini competition for the 35+ category!   Walking to center stage, my adrenaline was cloud-high as I accepted the big (shockingly heavy!) trophy. Why is this especially exciting?! Because I was nearly moved OUT of the bikini […]

How to freeze fat cells using Cryotherapy

Recently I was contacted by Cinch Clinic in a town which is pretty close to where I live. The reason?  They wanted to freeze my ass.  Literally. Cinch are offering a new and revolutionary fat freezing treatment called cryotherapy where the fat cells are frozen through blowing liquid nitrogen onto the area. Your body then […]