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Gold Class Hair Extensions – Do they ruin your hair?

When Sarah Gallagher, blonde goddess owner of La Bella Vita Salon in Belfast, rang me to offer me a free set of Gold Class Hair Extensions, I have to admit I was skeptical. Do they ruin your hair?  (I naively asked) Sarah laughed and said it was a common misconception. Hair extensions have been around […]

The supplements and protein a vegan athlete SHOULD be taking for muscle growth and fat loss

Being a vegan doesn’t mean that you need to supplement differently.  Anyone (vegan or not) who trains consistently in the gym, in my opinion, should be maximising their results by intelligent supplementation. Are supplements necessary?  No. But if they can help you to build more muscle and burn more fat, as well as promoting general […]

Killer leg workout and behind the scenes at my fitness photoshoot

Your leg day workout should be heavy and hard.  Even for a vegan. (Especially for a vegan, cause we is plant strrrrrrong!) It should be eye wateringly-pants peeingly-vomit inducingly-hard.   It should leave you wanting to crawl out of the gym on your hands and knees, drowning in your vegan protein shake, knowing that sometime […]

How to freeze fat cells using Cryotherapy

Recently I was contacted by Cinch Clinic in a town which is pretty close to where I live. The reason?  They wanted to freeze my ass.  Literally. Cinch are offering a new and revolutionary fat freezing treatment called cryotherapy where the fat cells are frozen through blowing liquid nitrogen onto the area. Your body then […]