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This ass-kicking shred will

transform your arms and glutes



I’ve heard 1000s of women ask the same question: 
“How do I get rid of the fat on my arms?” 

I can feel their frustration every single time. See, we’ve been told a lie, that as you age, your arms have to get droopy and your bum saggy. 

Society says people after 35 can’t get toned, smooth and firm.
This is utter BS.

Anyone can achieve chiseled arms and glutes, even in their 40s, 50s 60s & 70s!

They simply need a different approach, one that wasn’t made for teenage metabolisms or living off of lettuce leaves. That is why I am introducing something absolutely incredible & brand new that anyone can do - with or without a gym.

As a bodybuilding mom of 4, I’ll show you exactly how to sculpt

your dream ass and arms.

Are you ready to burn fat, sculpt muscle and see how capable your body is? 


You have the right to bear (sexy) arms

Every day, I get messages from around the world asking about how to finally transform their arms, that’ll work for someone who isn’t 21.

➔ “After menopause, I hate showing my arms.” 

➔ “I want to tone up, but I don’t want to get bulky!” 

➔ “I have tried everything but I still have cellulite & saggy skin.”

I get so pissed off because women are told again and again that this is just “how it is”. We have children and get older and think we have to hate our arms and be disgusted with our own bums. 

It is just not true.

I spent years researching, testing and hacking the exact exercises that made me a bikini competition winner...

⭢in my 40s⭠

So let me say this with absolute confidence. 

There are precise exercises, done in the proper order, that will burn and target the fat in the right, effective way and build the right kind of muscle that is NOT the bulk so many women fear. 

My new program is the world’s only 8 week experience of its kind, igniting sexy arms you’ll want to show off all damn day. 

Is my program simple to follow? YES. 
It is easy? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

You are going to be sore. There are days you might want to slap me through the screen over the intensity of an exercise.

This wasn’t made for people who want to keep living in their comfort zone.


Kim here, the highest-paid vegan bodybuilding coach in the world, and a

“no BS” straight shooter

Buns & Guns really is the pinnacle of all the years of testing, trial, hacking and perfecting The Sculpted Vegan programs. 

I have spent years developing the most brutal, rigorous programs that get results - but in a way that even people with injuries or any physical limitations can do. 

You will get every single thing needed to transform your body in only 8 weeks. 

The nutrition planning. The exercise plan. The support. 

This experience will have you grunting, sweating and feeling sore. But...

You will get to see how capable your body is.

It’s why the price is so low, to an extent that most coaches would tell me it’s a bad business move. But I am charging such a small amount for a reason.

I want as many people as possible to have access to this information and community. I made this program incredibly straightforward and affordable so that anyone can take part.

There is nobody who can’t do this program.

I really mean that. Whether you’re brand new to the gym or an advanced athlete, whether you have access to the gym or not, there is literally an option for everyone. 

We have 3 workout formats. You choose which plan works for you. Simply pick from:




(with only resistance bands)

We’re declaring war

on fat and claiming victory over our new, strong, sexy bodies.

You’re going to learn how to shred arm fat and build glute mass at the same time. Across 8 weeks, here’s how the transformation works.


Burn fat and develop muscles over 8 weeks, with training 6 days a week


Gradually lower calories (while still eating tons of food)


Slowly increase cardio so the arms tighten, waist shrinks and butt perks up

What you’ll get at the end of the 8 weeks?

Yes, you will look amazing after but you will also achieve access to something so much better:

✓ Belief in yourself
✓ Consistency
✓ Discipline
✓ Newfound confidence 

A fitness journey like this transcends every area of your life. 



Training is equally physical and mental. You’ll have sessions 6 times a week. There is cardio but, when we say cardio, this does NOT mean running countless miles on a treadmill. That would actually diminish your glutes. You’ll be shown each workout, with instructional videos to burn fat, stimulate muscles and fire up your metabolism.


To maximize the exercises, you’ll be given simple, precise meal plans and recipes. I’m also sharing my personalized supplementation guide that maximizes results at an unprecedented rate. You’ll eat 5x a day and have “free” foods like cruciferous vegetables, so you’ll never be hungry.


We won’t let you give up or feel isolated. In our Private Facebook group, our fitness experts hold your hand and support you when you feel like quitting, or when you simply need to ask a question. Be rallied around & supported like NO other fitness squad.


As a pro athlete and posing coach, I’ve made it incredibly easy to show off the muscles you’ve worked so hard in the gym to get. Wishing I’d had this information years ago, I will train you on how to show off the body you worked so hard for.

Give yourself a chance for only 8 weeks.

Surprise yourself with how damn capable you care.

This program is not some far off dream for the chosen few. 

All you need are the roadmap (which I am handing you) and the choice to commit. In only two months, you can look back and realize you were the type of woman who was competent all along, she was just waiting to be unleashed.

There’s a saying:
“Sun’s out, buns out”

Well, it’s almost summer, the sun is coming and your glutes can look absolutely jaw-dropping by July.

Look, you can keep looking and living life the way it is now. That is fine. No problem at all. I am not here to force anyone into a new kind of existence that they don’t want. 

Here is what I AM all about. 

I am here to lead those who want to say f*** old ways and start building the strongest version of themselves.

I am here to cheer on and guide the people sick of life feeling like monotony, walking through each day like life has begun to rule them versus them being in charge of their own existence. 

I am here to remind you that you have more capacity than you realize and my program, this 8 week experience, is going to show you how damn capable you are in ways you never thought possible. 

So, what’s included?

8 Week Training Plan

6 days a week with exercise videos

The Nutrition with Meal Plans

+ Supplement Guide

The 24/7 Facebook Group

for Community +Coach support

BONUS PDF: How to pose

for killer glute pictures

Total value? $497

The unbelievably small investment from you?







Lifetime access to Buns & Guns 8 Week Shred Program PDF

Brand new exclusive Buns & Guns Facebook community with coaches, and access for as long as the program exists

  Workouts for at home, the home gym or the gym - with instructional videos for each exercise

Detailed 8 week nutrition guide & food list including meal plan and recipe options

8 week precise supplementation plan

Got a question? Shoot.

A: This program has three options of workouts for gym, home gym and no gym (aka at home with resistance bands).  

This program is designed to shred fat and build muscle, in a short space of time using the principles of high intensity training.  Each muscle group will be trained twice a week, with a strong focus on recovery.  ANYONE can complete this program, whether experienced gym goer or complete newbie. 

A: This effective 8 week shred can be done in a gym, or at home using limited or little equipment.With the pandemic still raging, not all gyms are open.I wanted to create something completely versatile that anyone could do, whether or not they have access to a gym.

A: Yes, but this cardio is not running, jogging or Zumba. There is slow steady cardio twice a day with one session on a Sunday. This means that even if you don’t have access to a treadmill or gym, you can go for a brisk walk outside and still burn fat and boost the metabolism.

A: Any slow steady cardio is fine. Walking outside, treadmill, stair climber or anything that keeps your heart rate consistently in the fat burning zone.

A: Yes, we provide plant based calorie and macro meal plans that are simple, repetitive and easy to prepare.We will provide two different meal plans so you can mix and match or just stick to the one you like.Both will have the same calorie counts.The meals on this program are designed for maximum fat burning and muscle building.You will eat five times a day, ensuring that every time you feel hungry, it’s time for the next meal.

A: Yes, this is a diet and feeling hungry occasionally is normal.But there are lots of free foods in the program, so you never need to feel hungry.You may have cravings, but cravings are different to hunger!And we never want you to feel hungry on this or any of my shreds.

A: This is a totally new program compared to Butt Camp. Butt Camp was 6 days a week with a focus on glutes each day and was only an at-home program. Buns & Guns has a core focus on the arms and glutes with different exercises and with a different end result intention. This also has all brand new meal plans and options for both the gym and home gym.

A: Although men could complete this program they would probably need to use the calorie calculations provided rather than follow the meal plans. The meal plan calories would be too low for the average male as their metabolism is generally higher than a woman’s.

A: You have three options with this program.Full gym, home gym with barbells and dumbbells or zero equipment, just resistance bands and a sturdy broom handle or pull up bar. I created 3 options so that absolutely anyone can do this program, from anywhere.

A: Every exercise comes with an instructional video which shows you exactly what to do. There are no full workout videos with the program, as it would be impossible to lead you through the entire workout.You simply watch the instructional exercise video and learn how to perform the exercise.Very quickly, the exercises will be second nature and you shouldn’t need to watch the video.

A: Yes! We have a Facebook group with full coaching support to help ensure success. All our coaches are trained in The Sculpted Vegan Method and will be on hand to answer any questions you have to get you started.

A: Yes! If you join in time, you can start the challenge by May 24th, where we are giving away $41,500 to the top 10 people who make the biggest transformations!Our panel of nine professional judges are all competitive athletes, judges, trainers and gym owners.Theywill decide the winners based on a specific criteria.We judge based on who has made the biggest transformation, not necessarily who has lost the most body fat or is the most ripped.

A: You can only build a limited amount of muscle in 8 weeks.The human body can build between ½ to 1lb muscle per month over the entire body.So while you will build muscle in the areas that we are training, you will not get completely jacked in only 8 weeks.Transforming your body takes years of hard work and discipline. But usually fat loss will uncover the muscles that are lurking under layers of fat.And once you have had success in this area, you’ll find you are much more motivated to continue your transformation.

A: It costs $97 for lifetime access to both the program and the Facebook group, for as long as the program is in existence.The Sculpted Vegan reserves the right to withdraw programs from the market, or close Facebook groups as it sees fit.

A: The program is only designed to be done for 8 weeks, and the calorie drop and cardio reflect this.You could do this program two times in a row, but we would not recommend, however, that you do it more than twice, as you could risk down-regulating your metabolism and stalling progress.

A: As soon as you purchase, once the payment processes, you’ll be sent an email with the information so you can start right away.

A: Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

A: After you submit your payment details, you’ll be sent the new member welcome email. This will include a link to join the Private Facebook Group.Once you have applied to join, our team checks your name against your purchase and admits you entry to the group.

When you see what your body can do in 8 weeks

You’ll be blown away by what’s possible in every part of your life

Because this is NOT just a fitness program.

This is the opportunity to ignite radical transformation in how you see yourself and cultivate a disciplined lifestyle that’ll shoot out to every single other facet of your life. 

People do my programs and within months, even weeks, do things they never thought they would before. 

✓ They have begun new careers. 

✓ They have started or even finally ended relationships. 

✓ They have begun to speak up for themselves, for the first time in years. 

✓ They have felt a confidence they never knew was possible

When you have a firmer ass and arms, you can’t help but feel stronger mentally, too.

This is why I am so deeply motivated to do this work. Yes, I love seeing the transformations backed by 1000s of testimonials and countless years of honing the science of the body along with practices of discipline. 

But what is even more powerful is the mental and life changes that come with the physical ones. 

That is why I will share with you, one more time.

Get the exact ammo you need for an

incredible ass, ripped arms

and a transformed mindset you never thought possible.

8 Week Training Plan

6 days a week with exercise videos

The Nutrition with Meal Plans

+ Supplement Guide

The 24/7 Facebook Group

for Community +Coach support

BONUS PDF: How to pose

for killer glute pictures

Total value? $497

The unbelievably small investment from you?







Lifetime access to Buns & Guns 8 Week Shred Program PDF

Brand new exclusive Buns & Guns Facebook community with coaches, and access for as long as the program exists

  Workouts for at home, the home gym or the gym - with instructional videos for each exercise

Detailed 8 week nutrition guide & food list including meal plan and recipe options

8 week precise supplementation plan

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us via our online web form by clicking here

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