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6 Week Home Gym Training & Meal Plan $97 $49

Get insanely jacked in your home gym, with only dumbbells & barbells

(+ My personal 8 week, soy-free meal plans)

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You don’t need fancy gym machines to get rippling muscles.

You can use nothing but barbells, dumbbells and bands to build a stunning athlete physique, right in your own home. 

It doesn’t matter your age or level of experience. My proven high-end training principles will sculpt an incredible body - with almost no equipment. 

This is the exact system I have used for 3 years to get an epic, bikini-competition-winning physique when not at the gym. 

If you commit yourself, you’ll see absolutely insane results for your lower and upper body

Whether you’re new or have lifted weights for years, this innovative 6 week plan will get you seriously ripped, at a speed you never thought possible. 

And you’ll never have to pack a f**king gym bag again. 

Ready to show up, sweat, get it done and go back to your busy life?

This is the at-home workout system for you.

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You don’t need more motivation, you just need the plan that works

Heavy machinery like leg presses and hack squats are NOT necessities.

With your own home gym of barbells and dumbells, the power is in your hands. You can: 

  • Roll out of bed and workout in your pajamas, no commute or protein shake to prep

  • Throw on your headphones

  • Crank up the music as loud as you damn like 

  • Have the kids in the room next to you, no planning needed

Sure, some people need to walk into a gym for motivation. They need the overhead music and see other people grunting at machines to kick themselves into gear.

→ But that isn’t you.

→ You’re a self-starter.

→ You’re a motivated self-ass-kicker.

You’re the rare type who will push their body to its limits, even at home.

It doesn’t matter if you built a home gym because of COVID-19 or to save time. Either way:

You’re within reach of a chiseled, athlete physique from home.

I’ve seen so many people posting pictures on Facebook of their home gyms. Many people have busy lives or COVID-19 hit, so they built a home gym. 

Here is the issue:

Without a structured, scientific plan, even very knowledgeable, fit people don’t know what exercises, in what order, will deliver their desired athlete results.

That is why I’ve packaged up my revolutionary approach using high-intensity training, that is going to get you building muscle, burning fat and back to your busy life ASAP.

We’ll train for failure, to succeed in your wildest physique goals

This is NOT HIIT. High-intensity interval training is cardio-based. This high-intensity training is a weight-based workout with the principle of training to failure. 

All you need is heavy load. 

As long as you can add extra weight or purchase extra weights as you get stronger, this insane system for self-starters is for you.

Use this system to build on muscle gains, for years to come

This program can be repeated again and again. 

I myself have been doing exactly the same exercises, in the exact same order for 3 years to develop powerful arms, a shredded back and stunning legs. 

You don’t need to search for a new solution in 6 weeks. You can use this back to back for 2 - 3 years, if you’ll step up to the plate.

Get the Program

This is the exact workout I do to build muscle & burn fat

When I go on vacation, I always use the hotel gym, where I have nothing but free weights and bodyweight exercises. 

Sometimes, I am even MORE sore doing this type of workout than my normal gym routine.  


Free weights, like barbells and dumbbells, recruit a huge amount more muscle fibers than machine workouts. Machine work is great because it isolates the muscles BUT sometimes you get an even harder workout since you have to use stabilizing muscles. 

You also burn more calories with free weights, so it’s an absolutely fantastic way to scorch even more fat than a regular gym routine.


The workout plan

Get a step-by-step outline of what exercises to do, in what order, on what days. This program is a 6 week transformation program, designed to be repeated over and over, to build significant muscle.  You don’t need variety, you need repetition and load.  Muscle responds to stimulus, not change.  Stimulate it with more load, and watch it grow.

The way to eat

You’ll get a sample muscle building meal plan and an invaluable outline for how to track your macros and calories for maximum gains. This is nutrition information it took years to test, trial and master.

The equipment breakdown

I’ll walk through my personal advice on what equipment is necessary (and NOT needed) to train from home, including advice on where to purchase the lowest cost equipment.

BONUS: Get the incredible soy-free meal plans EVERYONE begs me for

I am handing over the world’s most incredible 8 week soy-free meal plans priced at $197 that support this program specifically - for no extra cost (which is insane, really). These are calorie counted, macro-counted, absolutely delicious and soy-free (i.e. no tofu), so they are great if you want to eliminate soy or mix up your meals with variety. These are absolutely exclusive and not available anywhere else.

How is this different from other at home programs?

I know you’ve done other research, tried exercises you learned from the gym and looked up videos/tutorials online. 

Here’s the difference: 

With a proven, cohesive plan, you hit your body with a system that maximizes every single workout, every single drop of sweat and the results. You won’t simply “feel stronger” or “feel better” after working out this way → You will SEE the physical changes in record time because an interconnected, singular plan rings out every ripped result that is within your grasp.

Using the techniques I teach in this program, repeating the exact same exercises day in day out, I changed my body like this, in only 3 years →

Finally, know the exact steps to achieve your ripped, athlete body - with minimal equipment

You get instant access to the full and comprehensive PDF that you can access digitally or print out for easy reference.

✓ The workout plan (with instructional videos) ✓ The nutrition support ✓ The equipment breakdown ✓ BONUS: 8 WEEK SOY-FREE MEAL PLANS

Total value? $694

The unbelievably small investment from you?


Get the Program NOW

(This is a ONE TIME ONLY OFFER. Once this page closes, the offer is gone)

Have a question?

A: Depending on what you have at home now, based on my equipment breakdown, you might have to purchase more to maximize your results. The equipment list, however, is minimal.

A: No! The sample meal plans are designed to be vegan, but you can make adjustments and add what you want to eat based on calculating your own macros with the information provided.

A: No. Whether you have the 18 month program or another program, this is a new program and a separate purchase.

A: Absolutely. This can be done by anybody, at any age. Because you can change the amount of load and make modifications, we have members in their 20s, 50s and 60s. We have cancer survivors and people who have had hip replacements. If you’ve had injuries, there are modifications.

A: No, this is solely access to the plan itself.

A: As soon as you purchase, you’ll be sent the robust PDF, so you can start right away.

A: There are no other charges after! Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

A: This is different because it is using only free weights and bands. There are no gym machines like some of the shreds and there is more than bodyweight exercises, like the Jailhouse Shred. This is a focus on getting jacked while burning fat, while some of the other programs are only focused on fat burn or sculpting an hourglass physique.

This is the last chance to get your best body ever, from the comfort and safety of home

Remember, you get:

✓ The workout plan (with instructional videos) ✓ The nutrition support ✓ The equipment breakdown ✓ BONUS: 8 WEEK SOY-FREE MEAL PLANS

Total value? $694 The unbelievably small investment from you?


Get the Program NOW

(This is a ONE TIME ONLY OFFER. Once this page closes, the offer is gone)


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