5lbs in 5 Days
5lbs in 5 Days

My personal peak week plan

that gets my body “bikini ready”


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Show off the “new” you at your next get-together, date, or party… even if it’s just 5 days away.


Ever faced a problem like…

Ever faced a problem like…

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These urgent, panic-tinged questions pop up in my private Facebook group over and over.

There’s a date on the calendar where they have to look their best and need help fast. I’ve been there, you’ve been there – we all have!

Helping women in these situations was the inspiration behind this program… and I knew exactly how to do that.

When I was a competitive bodybuilder, desperate, last-minute efforts to burn off fat and water weight were the norm in the week leading up to the contest.

We called this time “peak week” and used the fastest, most effective fat and water weight loss methods around.

During peak week, bodybuilders use a range of little-known tricks and tactics to leave their bodies in absolutely stunning form. With this program, you’re going to use the same techniques to make you leaner and more defined than you ever have before.


I want to be clear: shredding plays a huge part, but to gain a truly kick-ass physique you have to burn fat AND build muscle. But even I’ll admit that having the formula to drop excess fat and water weight fast isn’t just useful, it can be a life saver. There’s been more than a couple of times I’ve needed to lose 4 or 5 pounds in less than a week. This is how I’ve done it.

My meal plan to lose fat and water weight FAST

These delicious, easy-to-make recipes are created for maximum success. You also get a full shopping list to grab everything you need in one run to the supermarket. On top of that, find out the “free foods” you can snack on to keep cravings away throughout the day.

Training with one goal: fat loss

Every day and every body part, this training program will push you (if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be The Sculpted Vegan). But work your ass off and you’ll see the results in less than a week. These exercises make your body burn fat like a blow torch. Do the training in the gym or at home and follow the videos for every exercise.

Cardio that will burn, burn, burn

Thought a single training session would be all you need? Nope! Once you’ve racked the weights, it’s time to get your heart racing. On each of the five days, you’ll also do two cardio sessions. I’ll give you a list of exercises to choose from – the rest is up to you.

Safe supplements to accelerate fat burning

Aiming to shred every last scrap of fat and water weight for a jaw-dropping physique? Use these recommended supplements to maximize fat loss.

Bodybuilding tricks of the trade

To melt off the last excess water and fat, I will teach the same tactics bodybuilders use. From a “beat the bloat” detox bomb, a flavoring to avoid at all costs, the perfect tea to flush water weight, and what to do on your last night, you’ll discover how to take your shred “next level”.




(and driven by a no-BS coach who demands your best)

Come the end of your 5-day super shred, your goal is to look as “dry” as any bodybuilder standing on stage.

What the hell does “dry” mean, you ask?

Dry refers to that insanely ripped, super-sleek look you only see on bodybuilders when they’re competing. Skin is taut and tight, and muscles ripple with a sexy definition. What you don’t want: a soft, “watery” shape that looks bloated. The good news is that with me by your side, you WILL see results. Just be prepared to work harder than you ever have.

For the next 5 days, “YOU’RE” the bodybuilder being guided by a no-excuses, win-at-all-costs coach. Ready to get busy?

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Detailed 5-day meal plan, shopping list, and recipes

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Training program for both gym and home workouts

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Supplement plan to shred any last scraps of fat and water


Don’t have a hot date or vacation coming up? Well, there’s a not-so-obvious reason I put this together.

While the program is NOT a long-term fix, seeing results almost instantly is incredibly motivating. Plus, working your ass off – even if it’s only over 5 days – shows what you’re truly capable of.

When you build momentum, it’s easy to keep going. It’s like a domino effect: flick the first domino of inertia and inaction and the other obstacles and excuses tumble over too.

You may not have a “gotta lose it NOW” reason to start a super shred. But this program can still be the perfect way to kickstart your next burn and get serious results in less than a week.


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One Time Only Offer

Detailed 5-day meal plan, shopping list, and recipes

Training program for both gym and home workouts

Recommended cardio exercises to keep the burn going

Supplement plan to shred any last scraps of fat and water

A collection of my best bodybuilding tricks to torch fat

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Have a question?

A: The short answer is no. Eating in a deficit doesn’t ruin your metabolism—not eating frequently enough does! As long as you follow the meal plan and don’t try to starve yourself or eat less than what’s in the guide, you shouldn’t have any issues with your metabolism, especially in as short a period as this.

A: This program is designed is designed to be used for five days but could be cycled for 1-2 weeks if you really wanted to burn a huge amount of body fat for a special event or vacation. It’s worth knowing however, that if you chose to follow this program for 3-4 weeks, your metabolism would start to slow down and push your body into fat storage mode once you start eating normally again.

A: No, you don’t have to, but to help your body recover better, there are supplements we recommend to get the most out of this program. None of the supplements contain any dangerous components or stimulants. They’re all designed to nourish and support your body – not send it crashing. However, no supplement will ever make up for a bad diet or lack of training. As always, if you have questions during your journey, simply ask us in the FB group or in the app community.

A: If you worry that you will not be fit enough for the requirements of this program, simply start at a level that suits you and feels challenging, but not like you’re gonna die. You can even reduce the time of the active rest cardio to 20 or 30 seconds if you need to.

A: The program was designed specifically for vegans but can be adapted for vegetarians and omnivores as well, as long as you’re able to customize your own meal plans based on which foods you eat. If you’re vegan but your spouse or family is not, you can always adjust and add other ingredients to their meals – while keeping yours solely plant-based.

A: As soon as you purchase, you’ll be sent a download PDF, so you can start right away. If you don’t see the program email in your inbox, please check your spam and junk filters. Please SAVE this PDF to your device instantly. The link expires after 5 days. If you’re unsure how to save a PDF to your device, ask Google.

A: Indeed! Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

3, 2, 1… LET’S GO!



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